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Hey all, miss me?

Hey everyone,

Missed all of ya :) I have been feeling...well..terrible so I havent been doing much of anything except sleeping and hanging out near a bathroom...hah. good times...

So ya, I really have no faith in my doctor, nor any other doctor I have seen. Ive been on prednisone now for...8 months or so, and all it has managed to do is make me a sweating blimp. Kinda sucks...
Ive had 4 remicade infusions this round and it has done exactly nothing. This doesnt inspire a lot of hope!:ymad:

But anyway, since I was last here I see new faces and that was kind of exciting :) Not that I like you all suffering alongside me, but you know...I like company :)

Anyway...hello again all. Missed everyone :)
ive been doing remicade for about 5 months or so, not sure i will keep doing it since it hasnt worked..I just wish so bad that it would work like it did years ago when I first got it. I felt perfect, and I loved it. Didnt last though.


Hey dude,

Welcome back, sorry you havent been feelin to hot lately.

Good to see you back


Hi There - I'm one of the newbies! Sorry you're having a rough time. Hope to see more posts from you when you are up to it.
well thanks everyone for the hello :)

Jeff D: Ya I realize it doesnt have the same effect anymore. It seems to have nearly none. But they tell me that maybe after about 6 or so it will work, im not sure I believe it. But it isnt making things worse, so I dont care much.


Great to hear from you kc0eks!

I always hope that people just stop coming to the forum as they are doing other things and not sick, so I am sorry to hear that. I hope you are feeling better now that you are back.

Have the doctors given you any "next steps" that are available? Please do not give up hope though. Things will get better and can get better for no reason. Just stay positive and take care of yourself!


welcome back hope things pic up for you soon (((hugs)))


My name is Sam new here, and my daughter Monica has Crohns, she was getting her 3rd infusion when she had a reaction and
was taken off, started taking humira injections weekly, she's got her strength back, blood transfusions/iron pills daily (she lost 70lbs) prednisone had her freaking out seeing stuff, she has a stoma named Pinocchio which will be reversed when her fistula heals, she has no pain compared to several months, ago, no sleep, couldn't keep food down, running to to bathroom, it took months but she's turning the corner, so please hang in there...S