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hey all,

im neil , im new to all this, i have bin referred to this site by my brother. i'm a long term sufferer of chrohns disease, i have had it sinse i was 16 years old so i thought id sign up and hopefully offer sum kind of advice to anyone in need.


Hiya Neil
and welcome
not so far from me!

Tell us a bit more please, meds and symptoms, any surgeries?
Glad you joined us, see you around the forum
lotsa luv
Joan xxx
hiya thanks for the welcome.

i was diagnosed in 2001 with crohns disease at a very young age 16 to be precise.
BEEN ON. Azathioprine, mesalazine and done quite a few courses in prednisolone.

LAST NOVEMBER- i made the most important desicion ive ever made which was to have an operation to remove an abscess which was iritating the chrohns disease which resulted in me having no choice but to have the operation to remove a large part of my bowel. but hey the best thing ive ever done. i recieved the all clear last week.
Hi Neil,

I'm not far from you and Joan either (near Ormskirk). Crohns is hard work, as I'm finding out. Only diagnosed last Dec and already had a colectomy and ileostomy. More surgery being discussed but I'm terrified now. My GP thinks it is post traumatic stress but I think I am just scared.:frown:

Glad your surgery has worked well for you. Hi Joan x

Kaz xxx
hey kaz.

your only up the road from me im from appley bridge.
chrons is the devil i wish i had my operation when i was 16 when i was diagnosed. but it took them 9 years for them to do it. i had 9 years of being in and out of hospital.
i can understand what your going thru. i really feel for you and hope the surgery works for you and your back on your feet in no time.

neil. xxx
Ah thanks Neil. I'm still resisting further surgery. I have been in and out of hospital that much in the past year that I am trying to keep going without going back in. I'm glad I had the ileostomy though, it is so fantastic not to have to run the loo! (Sorry tmi). I see the surgeon in a few weeks so fingers crossed.

Kaz xxx
no problemo.

i know the felling about the loo. haha i had my operation over a year ago. and im still running to the loo thats what happens when they take a large part of the bowel out i suppose but theres tablets to help with that. im just glad i cat eat lots of food without gettin a severe crippling pain a dropping to the floor. and i no longer weigh 8 stone. im at a comfy 12 stone now.



Hiya Karen
hope you're doing ok?
I'm on half term hols this week so lapping it up! Lots n lots of REST

Hiya Neil
Thanks for the info, sounds like you made a fab decision there! I've not had Crohn's surgery , yet!
Stay well
Hello Neil and welcome to our corner of cyber space..:)
Great place to come for chatting and venting as well...:)
I am just across the water from you..
Take care..
thanks everyone.

thanks astra. yep best decision ive made. just cant stop eating food now but all is good.

and thanks dell i will keep in touch.i know a few peoplewith chrons so im goin to reccomend this site because i know how hard it can be to talk to people who dont know what your goin through...
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