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HGH - Anyone have any experience with it?

Hi all!

I'm 19 4'7'' and my endocrinologist just put me on HGH - Norditropin specifically.

He put me on it for my short stature in hope that I'm going to grow because my bone age is still in a range that is acceptable. I am also on testosterone to get my puberty starting.

My question is if anyone has taken HGH or even better Norditropin specifically and did the HGH help your crohn's in any way?

what were your side effects if any and how you felt on it and if it worked! The side effects seem to be relatively small compared to all the Crohn's meds ive been on lol!

The only side effect that worries me is that it can increase pressure in the brain which I don't even fully understand but sounds pretty bad.. lol

Anyones experience would be greatly appreciated!!

Hope everyone's having a good tummy ache free day :)
I hope someone can chime in here because I'm interested in their answers. The late/diminished development during the teen years seems to be common with Crohn's; it must have something to do with the lack of nutrition being absorbed.

FWIW, I know a bunch of gym rats who have been taking HGH for years and it doesn't seem to be affecting them... :p

Did Norditrophin improve your Crohn's symptoms at all? I've always been curious about that as a possible treatment.