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Hi All - Finally have new biopsy results; Crohn's???

Hello everyone,

I took your advice and decided to see another GI specialist, who performed a second endoscopy + colonoscopy as my symptoms were only getting worse. He says going off the results, Crohn's could be a possibility, but he is hesitant to start me on any treatment, which is quite upsetting as I am in daily pain. Has anyone else had similar biopsy results? And yes i am following treatment guidelines for Eosinophilic Esophagitis and Coeliac disease; the specialist just pointed out that a lot of my results are not normally characteristics of either those diseases. Any help would be much appreciated :)


It’s so unhelpful when the biopsy interpretations have qualifiers like “in the right clinical context”! That’s covering all bases: it could be this—if other symptoms and tests also point to it—or it might not be. How frustrating. The biopsies state you have mild inflammation in your terminal ileum, and mucosal changes in your esophagus and parts of your duodenum. Most people don’t have biopsies which show granulomas, considered a “definite” sign of crohn’s. What are your other symptoms and does your GI have any ideas about what’s going on if it isn’t crohn’s? And what does he suggest for treatment?