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Hi am new my daughter had a colonscopy something showed up

hi am new my daughter had a colonscopy something showed up

hi my daughter chloe is 3 year old as had lots of problem since birth but not got a diagnosis anyway she as a feeding tube sine 18month old and struggled to put any weight on always loose stools then in june she bled for 6 days from her bum, we finally had a colons copy and endoscopy last week and told us she had lesions in her bowels and a big red patch in there and took biopsy's so waiting results now does it sound like crohns , colitis?


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It's possible. As far as colitis, I don't know because that generally affects a certain part of the bowel (colon to rectum) where Crohn's can affect you from your mouth to you anus. The big red patch you spoke of sounds like inflammation to me and lesions are common with both Crohn's and colitis during a bad flare (so is inflammation). I'm really sorry that your family has been going through this and a poor little 3 year old at that. Have they given her any medication thus far concerning her gut? I'm sorry about the circumstances but welcome to the forum.
thank you for replying, no meds she was treated for reflux when she was younger but had a operation called a funuplucation at 18 months so it can not come up to her gut, she was on a dairy free diet from very early on but now re started as the peads want her back on it, its killing me waiting for resluts


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Hi again Chloe's Mum! I know this is all very stressful for you. Keep calling and asking about results and keep us posted please. Just continue to use this thread whenever you can.

I hate this for you and Chloe, but I am glad you found this forum. It has been very therapeutic and educational for me!!


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Hi chloesmum, :bigwave:

Welcome again. Have you any idea how long you have to wait?? As Dex said, keep badgering them!

Please stick around and keep us posted.

Take care, :hug:
hi chloesmom, welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear chloe has had a hard time. It is not easy to watch her go through any of this... I hope you have results soon, the wait is frustrating and nerve racking....
Madasin had the funuplucation when she was 5 months old and she continues to take prevacid for the reflux today. We were told last year that she should have been on the meds since the surgery because it can still cause damage to the eshopigus even though she had the surgery, which is what happened in Madasins case....
Good luck and I hope you get the results back soon!!! thinking about you both