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Hi everyone..

Hi All,

My name is Sharyn.. I was diagnosed with crohns last week after scopes and placed on 40mg Prednisolone, 40mg Pantoprazole.

I am so grateful for the wealth of information on this forum.. Some of your stories put a lump in my throat :( and I am blown away by the amount of people in the same boat as me and also that there are always others suffering more than me. (I am so sorry you all go through such terrible times)

I am looking forward to getting to know you all and find out more about what this disease is all about and how to handle my symtoms..

The last 3 years i have been suffering from crohns symptoms but was fobbed off with IBS. Things have gone pear shapped since April 2011, with recurring colds, flus and sore throats, every 3 weeks.. mucus, pains and loose poo.. Suffer from so much fatigue that I can hardly be bothered getting out of my own way most days..

I'm looking forward to exercising again and being fit.. whenever/if that happens..



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Hi Sharyn and welcome to the forum! I am sorry about your recent diagnosis, but at least you now know what is really going on with your body and its not just IBS.

Have you seen an improvement after starting pred, yet? Pred works quickly to get the inflammation under control. However, it can only be taken for short periods of time, because of its side effects.

I hope you start feeling much better soon!


Hello Sharyn and welcome to the family :) It sucks about the diagnosis but at least you now have one and finally have some treatment for it as well. I agree that this forum really helps give you some perspective, I am amazed at how many people have had to wait YEARS to get a daignosis. How are you feeliing now? As Jill says the pred usually kicks in quick so I am hoping you have noticed a difference even if it is slight.
Hi Jill and Angrybird,

Thanx for the welcome.. I have seen some inprovements, but today I had a CT scan and the liquid they gave me made my stomach pains and bowel movements like explosive water.. :( caught me offguard a bit..
Do stomach pains ever go away once on meds? Thats one thing that hasn't changed yet..


Hi Sharyn, as far as I am concerned full remission means you do not get stomach pains anymore on a daily basis. Like everyone else (even 'normal' people) if you over do it on the food you may get a bit of a grumble but that should be all.
Welcome Sharyn! Oh I hate drinking that poison for CT scans---I actually sneak into the bathroom and dump half of it! And wow! They never know. I started doing that when, after a CT scan many years ago, after I faithfully drank all the contrast, I was in the ER with a bowel bleed. Was grateful that my bowel did not perforate (the Dr. was afraid that it had). Anyway, hopefully you will be on the road to feeling better with the pred. After the irritation from the CT contrast wears off, that is. Keep your chin up and hang in there! ;) Dana