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Hi everyone

I've been posting elsewhere, but wanted to come in and introduce myself. I'm a 43 year old woman living in rural California with my husband, dog and cat. I was diagnosed with Crohn's at age 19. Had abdominal pains for years before that seemed to coincide with stress. In college started going downhill with major pain, and ended up getting emergency surgery where they found the Crohn's, stricturing in the ileum, and a mass of infection. I was on Asacol for awhile after that, but was doing much better and eventually just stopped going to the doctor and taking meds. I seemed to be able to control the symptoms with diet and an active lifestyle.

Then last summer was extremely stressful due to family medical issues, and I got what seemed like a stomach bug twice (at the same time as my husband). I got through them, but on the 2nd got a pain in the ass, which was diagnosed as an abscess, and eventually a fistula. A CT Scan showed that my ileum that was repaired in the previous surgery is stricturing again.

I now have a seton in the fistula, and am getting ready to go on Remicade for the first time next week.

I've got the other symptoms more or less in control through diet again, but I have to be super careful what I eat and with stress. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Remicade helps with the stricturing and the fistula.

Nice to meet you all!


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Hi Aloe
Crohn's is always there unfortunately.
There have been good reports regarding Remicade treatment of Crohn's and especially its positive effect on fistulas so hopefully you will find great benefit.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
Thank you araceli and Trysha!

Yes, I've realized that although I was able to be in denial about Crohn's for a very long time, that wasn't the best strategy. If I'd known about the possibility of fistulas, I would have tried harder to keep my shit together (that saying has never held so much literal meaning for me till now!).