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Hi, need capsule endoscopy

Hi guys, i'm new to the forum.

I first started suffering symptoms after taking a medication for my acne called isotretinoin. I then had various blood and stool tests which came back negative for inflammation. Then I had a colonoscopy which found crohns in my ileum. However the biopsy came back negative for crohns. I then had a barium follow through which didn't even show the scarring in my ileum.

I was then given the firm diagnosis of IBS. However I have read that sometimes if crohns is in the small intestine it may only show from having a capsule endoscopy.

I am now in the process of having this done privately.

Has anyone else been in this position? Has anyone paid for an capsule endoscopy in the UK? If so i have been quoted around £1900, anybody had one cheaper?

Thanks for reading.
Hiya no I havent but have had quite a few endoscopys and my god the capsules should be available to every1 on NHS!!!

Good Luck Sue


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Hi Jim and :welcome:

I'm glad you found us. I'm sorry but I can't help you out with the capsule endoscopy. You are right, Crohns in the ileum can be hard to diagnose although there are many on here that have difficulty obtaining a diagnosis no matter where it is located. Unfortunately the normal or conflicting test results aren't uncommon either. Good luck with the test and I hope it gives you some answers. Please keep us posted on how you go. Hopefully someone will be along to answer your questions.

I hope you stick around 'cause stacks of friendly and knowledgeable people hang out here. Welcome aboard!

All the best,
hi i have had the capusle endscopy in the UK but i had one about a month ago in the US and the pill never left my stomach so the GI doctor got 8 hours of looking at my stomach with food in it. so one big waste of insurance money. i am schedule to have another one done in 2 weeks. only thing came out of the first one was a dx of gastroperisis which is slow empty stomach which was adding to my crohn's problems


Hiya Meg was diagnosed with Crohn's in the small bowel due to a colonoscopy, an endoscopy and a barium meal and follow through which showed a 2mm stricture and 12cm of inflammation.

I have had a Capsual Edoscopy, through the NHS. which i think i'm very lucky reading your story.
I have had Crohn's for 28 years, a few years back, my bloods too came back with no inflamation markers high, so they decided to do this procedure.
They found that my small bowel was coverd in all different places with active disease.... Thank God i decided to have the capsual, as i thought i was going round the bend in agony, and the doctors looking more at blood results than listening to me..

I hope you get sorted soon and feeling better soon
xxx( massa)
Also had camera test recently and it was no problem. Can't help on cost as it went under insurance. The only thing I wanted to point out that the camera stop at the terminal ileum. I have a stricture in that area and the camera test didn't see it. I had to have an MRI and that's when it showed up.