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Hi - resection went pear shaped!

Hi - I was due to have an ileostomy in July but I broke my leg 3 days before surgery so spent the summer bed bound with a foot to thigh cast and the Crohns settled down but then it started to kick off again so surgeon booked me in for 10 th October. He said as I'd waited longer since coming off steroids he would do a straight resection.

Op went well and day 2 and 3 post op I felt great - day 4 it all went wrong and ct scan showed a leak so emergency surgery for peritonitis and an emergency stoma, 2 days in icu ventilated.

I was then in hospital for 3 1/2 weeks whilst my bloods did silly things and leftover abdominal fluid was drained.

Anyway I'm home now - I had a stoma before ( virtually identical scenario) and he was called Kermit so I have named this one Kermit too. He is a lot better behaved this time round probably because I am more confident but last night I had a major leak and woke up covered in it. So today I'm sulking, feeling sorry for myself and generally pissed off. So thought I'd come here and have a vent as I know from the past that just knowing others are in the same boat makes me feel better!

Clare x

I am so sorry you had all that trouble & that kermit is mis behaving.

Your family must have been worried sick with you being so ill.

Lets hope 2013 is a better year for you.

I dont have a stoma myself but I just wanted to send my support your way.


Hello gorgeous!! I was wondering about you yesterday. Darlin, the world doth test us at times doesnt it? I am happy to hear from you, but I am sorry that you've ended up with further issues with 'Kermit'. What do you think caused the leak? Or was it just one of those things?

I've resolved to never have leaks again, unless it's on Egyptian cotton sheets. Since I cant afford them, that takes care of that!
Hi FruitLoop!! Long time no see....and I don't like the reason why... Glad you are back amongst the gruntled and no longer in the ICU. Well, welcome Kermit too. ;)
I used to hate those night time leaks. But hopefully it will be your last! Good luck with being on the mend, i hope its plain sailing from here :cool2:
Well after that leak he leaked the next day at 9pm and again overnight.

Last night I hardly slept waiting for my bag to fill - emptied at 4 am but at 8am it's leaking out of left and right side - stoma nurse has suggested paste instead of the hugely complicated set up I have now (wafer, ring,convex bag) as she says paste will go where it's needed.

Stoma is located bang on my waist so is in an awkward setting as there is the dip in my waist followed by the swell underneath.

I'm so mad this morning
I can understand what you are going through as I had (and sometimes still have) much the same problems. My stoma is retracted and I also have a sort of shallow channel leading out from the stoma towards where my bellybutton once was. (After being opened up 4 times, I have no bellybutton left, just a broad band of scar tissue with bulges of flesh on either side of it.) I often get leaks out where channel is.

My stoma nurse suggested using paste, but I have never (in 13 years) got around to trying it. I use the Coloplast deep convexity one piece bags and if I am very careful about putting them on, put micropore along the edges as soon as I see the base lifting at all, and heed the warning of the skin underneath getting itchy, I can usually get away with three days without mishap.

The other day, however, I was very tired and couldn't be bothered changing my bag before I went to bed, even though it was becoming very itchy underneath. About 4am, I woke up and felt the familiar dampness on my nightie - out of bed, nightie in soak, clean myself up, new bag, change sheets etc, etc. Then try to get back to sleep!

Try to get the output less liquid - I find that I have less likelihood of leaking if the output is firmer. I use Imodium if I'm getting runny.

Other than that, all I can suggest is to keep trying different bag, different systems until you find something that works.

I really feel for you. :hug: