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wow my story this happened a long while ago 1990 is when i had my surgery but feel i must have had Crohns maybe 8 to10 years before with out knowing it from the symptoms. i know now. it was months going to a doc and him telling me i had the flu and my mom telling me to change docs any way i was in and out of the emergency rooms and they had no idea what was wrong with me i had spinal taps and high fevers so high i ended up in ice every time i went into emergancy room. finally i switched docs to a very good internist who sent me to a surgeon who did a resection and i was Crohns free through many colonocopys even on one where i told the doc i was fine and walked out and passed out in front of the hospital on the bench lol that was cool. well last january after the colonoscopy the doc said he found Crohns and all i can think of was when i was ready to die with the very high temps and ready to die it seems after the op ive had my Crohns on my mind and watching my self ive been in several sites that have helped me so much i thought for so many years that i was the only 1 out here and this was sooooooo rare but ive found sites with many wonderful people that are as nutty as i and i even ment a guy at my work that has Crohns we talked hes cool too i new to this site and hope to meet more wonderful people
Chris xx oh on ascol it works for me :)
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Hello Chris ... Welcome Aboard I'm Grandma Bear aka Karen !! I am sure that you will find this to be a wonderful place to come when you feel all is lost & you need a PICK ME UP for the day so have fun & join us in the ANYTHING GOES THREAD there is plenty of fun games 2 do & 2 be a part of so jump in & have fun !! See U around !!


Hi Chris!! Now you have to put up with me double hahaha


theres no getting away hehe

hi chris
hope to see you around welcome!!!!!!!!!


Mama Crohnie
Hi ya Chris, so great to meet you. You most certainly are not the only nutty one around, I'm about the same..lol. Welcome to the forum, I hope to get to know you better. Holler if you need us...cool place with cool people. Since Mike is giving out checks, I'll take mine now Mike...lol.