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Hi Just wanted to say thanks for the add- I am in Canada and needed to find a support group in my journey!!
I had a major flare up over and before Christmas- 3 lots of Prednisone- blood work shows high platelets- 88 hemoglobin- had visit to consultant this week, more bloodwork as he wants to see how my levels are compared to end of December. Last colonoscopy was in 2016, small lesion was burned away, all good. I don't get the cramps, just the constant visits to bathroom and this time around Eretha Nodosum lumps on my legs. I have to wait for a call as he wants me to have an up to date colonoscopy to see what's happening. Up to now I have not been on any medication, just managing with diet. My resection was done 10 years ago. Hoping nothing untoward, thanks for listening.