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Have you noticed that you hiccup more, since having crohns?

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Hi, was just wondering if anyone else had noticed they hiccup a lot more since being diagnosed with crohns?! :ycool:

I have started hiccuping like crazy in the last couple of months!

I asked my gastro doctor if he had ever heard of them being related and he just laughed! Anyone else had hiccups alot? :):)
I have had hiccups daily since I was 16 and I have wondered if it was Crohn's related. I wasn't diagnosed with Crohn's until 6 years later, but that doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't there at the time, right?


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I have no idea. I was diagnosed when I was 9 20 years ago and I honestly don't remember although I did figure out a way to get rid of my own hiccups by forcing myself to burp which I learned how to do when I was a child. :p


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I've often wondered that too. I frequently get hiccups, and sometimes they can be quite violent (they can hurt).

Hiccups are a reflex action, which means that you do not have any control over them. Hiccups are not usually serious and in most cases they only last for a few minutes.Treatment is not usually required.
There was definitely a correlation with surgery for me - I get them most frequently post-op, to the point that my parents noticed it too. They thought there may have been something that irritated or damaged my diaphragm.


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I get hiccups sometimes if I take pain meds. Luckily they never last long! For me, I find holding my breath and swallowing as many times as I can makes them go away.
My daughter is 14....and she was diagnosed with Crohn's a few months ago. She has had really frequent hiccups for about 2 years now....and it drives her crazy! We asked her doctor if the hiccups were caused by the Crohn's...and the doc said she hasn't heard of that but that it could make sense. I assume they are related. Any suggestions? She has just started Azathioprine....Doesn't seem to be helping.
I found this website because I was googling Crohns and hiccups. Thought I was going crazy!
I definitely know when a flareup is coming because I hiccup constantly beforehand! And it has happened the last couple of times before I was admitted to emergency with severe pain, I would start hiccuping for hours before the pain came. Was diagnosed as it being a bowel obstruction from introducing too much fibre into my diet and having some scar tissue in my intestines.
Does anyone else suffer from this?


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I get BAD hiccups,jus got rid of em. It lasted over four hours. Tried holdin my breath, drinkin a lot of water, jus aboot EVERYTHING. I was jus aboot to stand on my head and then drink a glass of water. I know it sounds funny, but I was desperate to be hiccup free.
I remember having a similar bout a few months ago. It hurts when they last that long.
Interesting that this came back up - I know I commented a year ago on this, but have since noticed that I seem to get mine now after eating bread. Pretty much like clockwork. I have also found out that I have a hiatal hernia, and maybe the combination of food in the stomach and pressure in the hernia is to blame in this case.
Yes! Literally after I get done eating I'll hiccup for around 10mins straight and they hurt and sometimes they're so strong I throw up, kinda nuts for hiccups. Other times I'll randomly get them and they won't go away for almost an hr or an hr and a half. Never thought about it being related but it could be. Who knows, I just let it ride until they go away since I can't stop them . :ybatty: :runaway: :puke_r:
I do tend to get hiccups more frequently since my last flare. My trick for getting rid of them is to think about and wait for the next one - when your brain focuses on them, it can sometimes get them to stop. My mom used to make me eat a spoonful of sugar - gross, but I do have to say it often worked. Swallowing and hiccuping come from the same part of the brain, so distracting it with swallowing can help too.
Wow I was wondering about this too. My daughter gets hiccups randomly. Sometimes it goes in spurts like for a few days at a time then none for a week or more. When she gets the hiccups she also gets very forcfull burps. The hiccups and burps sound painful and she sometimes seems to gag too. She's taking an antibiotic right now because the GI Dr. thinks she has an overgrowth of bacteria. She's had lots of bloating and discomfort and burps.
I have had the worst hiccups in the last day than my whole life I was just awoken at 330 by bad strong hiccups
They are bad enough to make me nauseous and gag!!


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My hubs isn't a Crohnie but he had the most horrendous hic-ups for 3 days last year.We tried everything.Then just before I was going to wack him with something heavy I had a Google,and this did the trick..........Take 3 small sips of air,hold it,now take 3 small sips of water,hold it.Repeat until you can hold no more water or air.Swallow.Repeat if necessary.......Good Luck.