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Hidradenitis Suppurativa - Groin, Armpit, Buttocks Boils

Hello Everyone.

Diagnosed with Crohn's for 2 years.

I was recently diagnosed today with Hidradenitis Suppurativa.

Dermatologist said that it is associated with Crohn's and that my recent diagnosis 2 years ago makes sense to him.

It manifests as severe "Acne" or painful boils in the groin, and/or under breasts, and/or and armpit area. Men can also get it behind the ears and nape of neck, and scalp.

It presents as large painful pimples that sometimes can develop into painful lumps deep under the skin, that may rupture and produce a bloody drainage. Mine are hormonal, appearing right before my period.

I work out frequently and always had doctors diagnose it as an "ingrown hair", as I only developed 2-3 ingrown hair boils a few months or years apart in my groin area. It started when I hit puberty, but stopped when I went on birth control when I was 21.

But now that I am no longer on birth control for the last 2 years as mandated by my Gastro (He told me to get off of it because it thins the intestinal lining, amongst other things) , and these "ingrown hairs" have come back with a vengeance.

Well, these "ingrown hairs" have gotten out of control - Every month, massive festering, very sore tender and painful boils, with abscessing. Which led me first to my PCP, then to a Dermatologist.

He took one look at me and said that it wasn't ingrown hairs - it's "HS" Hidradenitis Suppurativa, and a condition that is also being found in Crohn's, as a comorbid condition as 30% of his HS patients have Crohn's diagnoses.

He put me on a 3 month regimen of Minocycline, which he said may also help with my Crohn's too.

Anyone else have a diagnosis of HS too???
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I get that as well. My doc just said it was cystic acne. But it only occurs when I'm having flares. I took dairy out of my diet for 1 year. 6 months in all of it had cleared up and wasn't coming back. I now get them every so often but I use Neutrogena salyic acid wipes on my skin which helped tremendously with the scarring it caused. And Neutrogena fast acting acne gel which helps when they start to eliminate them and the pain. https://express.google.com/u/0/prod...edium=tu_cu&utm_campaign=10046&pdata=CgQ1Ljk5
Hello Aos, Thanks for that info.

I have eliminated dairy too for 3 months and it has not gotten any better. But i plan on keeping my diet in line with AIP, which i have been following. So perhaps in the future I'll see benefits. Only more time will tell.

I will look into the Neutrogena gel for relief when these things flare. Anything to get it to resolve faster.. So thanks for that share.

My Dermatologist wants to put me on Humira since I have shown no remission of my HS symptoms with 3 months of oral antibiotic treatment. But because I have Crohn's too I need to have my Gastro aware of the addition of a biologic to my medication regimen. I am only going to take it with his approval. It may interfere with his regimen that he currently has me on. So that is my new path for now. More medications. Whoopie!

Good luck to you on your journey to recovery/remission/acceptance