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High Liver Enzymes

Just had some labwork done and my AST was 93 and my ALT is 123. My doctor told me to not drink and to see my GI about the possibility of autoimmune liver disease. I am currently taking Remicade and Imuran, has anyone had this experience and is it possible it could be the imuran?
I'm dealing with this now. My GI had me get an MRI MRCP. It showed inflammation, but inconclusive on a diagnosis, "possible early primary sclerosing cholangitis." I have to follow up in 6 months for another MRI. I'm not taking Remicade or Imuran, though I have been on Imuran in the past. Whether that could be the cause is definitely something to discuss with your doctor. Best wishes to you! Will be interested to hear what you find out.
Thanks! I have never had elevated levels before so it was a bit of a shock. I am hoping that it is a fluke or that once I stop taking Imuran next week the levels will go back to normal. I'll update after I talk to my GI!