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High Platelet count with 5-ASA meds?

I am just wondering if anyone has had a high platelet count while on any 5-ASA meds. I just got back my blood work and my platelet count was high (540). I have never had that before. I started taking Apriso about two months ago and am almost certain that is causing it. I have also been much more susceptible to colds/viruses since I have been on Apriso and have had a lot of muscle aches. I am curious if anyone else has had the same experience.
I'm not sure if Apriso can cause high platelet count. It lowers the immune response. I would think it more likely to help lower the count. A count of 540 is only very mildly out of the normal range (150-450) - I've had almost 1000 for example. High platelet count can be caused by inflammation, low iron, or low B-12.
Thanks, Handle. Was your doctor concerned about your high platelet count? How did you lower it? My iron is low, so that could be part of the problem. The medicine has also made me anemic. I guess it's better than flaring! I am going to see my GI doc next Monday, so I'll ask him about it too.
I got an iron infusion which helped, but starting Humira has been even more useful (and platelet count is now down to 590.) My G.I only concerns himself with the Crohns and doesn't seem all that concerned with any related effects, though I am!
good luck.