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Hives and Joint Swelling

I just started back on Remicade a week ago. I was on it two years ago, but it stopped working. After Humira didn't work for me, they decided to give Remicade another shot. Yesterday I started getting large itchy welts/hives in random places (hands, elbow, leg). Then I woke up this morning and one knee was completely swollen and feels very stiff and strange. Just wondering if anyone has had this, or knows if this these are common side effects. I have a cal linto the doctor, but am too anxious to wait for the call back. There are so many knowledgeable people here!!! Thank you!

So sorry it took so long to respond! I hope you've heard from your doctor by now.

The allergic type reactions you are describing (hives, swelling, itching) are listed on Remicade's website as being side effects that warrant a call to the doctor.

Good luck, Beth!