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Hives and Remicade?

My Daughter has been on Remicade for 2 years now. A few days ago she broke out in hives, mostly over her torso.

We did switch laundry detergent, and it seems like the likely suspect, but I'm worried that it could be associated with the Remicade. Her last infusion was about 6 weeks ago.

I'm mainly worried that it could be anti-bodies. She takes 100mgs. of Imuran to minimize the likelihood of anti-bodies, but should I be worried?

She's tried Benedryl for the last couple of days but it hasn't seemed to help.

Anyone have similar experiences?

my little penguin

Staff member
Drug reactions can be acute with in 2 hours of adminstering the drug or delayed within 24-48 hours of the drug infusion but up to two weeks after the infusion .

Contact reactions from the new soap is far more likely .
I would let the Gi know but 6 weeks out is a long time to be related .
Hives tend to be more acute reactions versus general rashes blisters etc -more delayed.

Ds is a very atopic kiddo with lots of hives anaphylaxis asthma etc...
He started out with delayed reactions to remicade -blisters on his hands , rashes (atopic dermatitis on his face , torso and scalp, peeling skin on his fingers/hands.
Eight months later he actually reacted twice with throat tingling ,tongue , and breathing issues -despite pre meds including steriods he still reacted

He did not have any antibodies by the way .

Remicade/Humira can bring out skin issues if you are probe to skin issues per Ds dermo

In other words the drugs don't cause the skin problems but if you are normally atopic :sensitive skin those tend to surface with Humira/remucade more
Thanks mlp,

I appreciate your input. Seems very reasonable. It's been several days now and still no improvement. I'm going to take her to the Doctor next week, so we'll see if maybe she can get a stronger anti-histimine.
Just wanted to update the diagnosis. Visited the Doctor yesterday. She said it's not hives, but a viral rash called Pityriasis Rosea. Should resolve on it's own after 6 or so weeks.
If anyone gets what appears to be hives, look this up first.