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Hole on skin under stoma?

Hi just wondering if anyone has an idea on what this is?
A few days ago I had some broken red skin just below stoma. This has since changed into a hole about 2 mm wide and 2mm deep to now being 4mm wide and 2mm deep and not circular now but more oval? It is not touching my stoma but stings when I am cleaning and putting on new bag. Any ideas would be appreciated.
It sounds like you might have a fistula, I never had one when I had my Stoma by hopefully someone with more experience will be along soon.

Best of luck with it all, do you have a Stoma nurse who could have a look at it?

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It could be a fistula or raw skin that's getting worse. Either way I think a stoma nurse needs to assess. If it's a fistula your GI will need to address.
Thanks for your replies, I am going to see my stoma nurse tomorrow so hopefully she will give me something. I am just very impatient lol.


If you have like a circle surrounding it where you feel the skin is way denser, harder than the rest around, I would believe it could be a fistula. The "hole" phase of my fistula would not last and the digestive tissue would then stick out about the size of a pencil eraser.

What you describe sounds more like pyoderma gangrenosum type of lesion. Is it painful?
It could also be pressure ulcers.

Here is a link showing both in order to avoid you the Google image event... Sometimes the pictures are pretty shocking so if you can discriminate with these one I think it would be more pleasant for you.

Hi everyone,

Just been to see my stoma nurse, no infection in wound and I have never yet had a bag leak- thankfully! She thinks it might be a tight stitch that has broke away and the skin has went raw and formed a hole. To go back on Monday to check still ok and put a plasticene like putty ring thing round it to keep it clean. Thanks for all your suggestions again. :)
Oh that's good that you got it seen so quickly and a relief too!
Hope it clears up nicely with the barrier ring, they're great for stopping leaks and protecting bits of skin.

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