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Homemade Shake with stricture


Long story short, severe stricture of the terminal ileum (site of earlier surgery/anastomosis). Issues eating anything healthy... came up with this idea to get in healthy fats, carbs, protein, especially calories as struggling to maintain weight.

1x scoop soy protein
1x scoop powdered oats
1x teaspoon peanut butter (smooth!)
260ml extra virgin olive oil
400ml soy milk
Honey (runny)
Decaf coffee to flavour (antioxidants)
Water to top up

Basically I mix up oats and soy with soy milk and then top up shaker with water.

Then pour into tupperware pot with coffee, peanut butter, and honey.

Carefully pour in soy/milk/oats.

Into microwave for 20mins on med low heat.

Take out stir thoroughly.

Back in another 20mins. Kill any bugs and most importantly cook oats as raw oats are horrendous with stricture.

Then out and stir thoroughly again pour into shaker.

Leave to cool and once cool pour in extra virgin olive oil and shake up.

DON'T put in fridge until cool as my understanding is to put a warm liquid/food into fridge can cause issues re any remaining bacteria and so unsafe.

Then enjoy! My wife thinks tastes awful, but compared to rest of bland stuff I'm forced to eat it's like heaven.

You can swap protein type, increase or reduce honey, swap peanut butter for another but butter or soy milk for something else. But ultimately it is an easy and relatively healthy way to get in easy to digest calories, carbs, protein and lots of antioxidants. Major benefit no blender required as cleaning that think out several times a day not funny.