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Hoping for some results very soon!

I've had flexi sig and upper endoscopy - gastritis and bleeding in stomach and ulceration??cobblestone mucosa?? in left side colon.
2 x fecal calprotectin +308.
Colonoscopy - NAD
Small bowel MRI - waiting for results.
My GI has discounted the sigi and endoscopy as nothing, all biopsies were ok so really only the calprotectin have come back negative (or positive dependant on how you look at it!).
Hopefully the MRI will show something as I'm getting so down about everything.
I'm rarely out of the house mostly through pain or vomiting but also through D and have had to change working hours to nights and drop down to part time hours.
I just hope my GI looks at the MRI results asap but I'm scared that they won't find anything because then what?? At least if theres something there I could get meds to help.
Had a thought last night that maybe the calprotectin was high because of the gastritis?? I think I'm trying to make myself believe they won't find anything so I don't feel so bad if thats the result. I still have diarrhea but thats after days of constipation so I still believe I may have some narrowing but I
suppose the MRI would show up if there is? Do people get diagnosed off an MRI?
Hope we all get answers soon :)
Hi Niccj :)
My gastro ignores my inflamed stomach too - its quite frustrating. He has told me numerous times it's because it isn't responsible for calprotectin or diarrhoea - sounds like we're in the same boat!
Been a while since i posted anything but have been a very regular visitor!! At the moment im awaiting results of capsule endoscopy and am varying between okish days to bad days. Today is a bad day! I am so fed up of the way I'm being treated by drs and GI's. My gp's either think I'm just depressed or anxious or addicted to pain killers! Dependant on which of them I see! Which is hard as just to prove a point to one of them I have taken myself off all medication apart from omeprazole so i can go back and say 'look I don't want or am i addicted to this medication I have something wrong!' but of course this means in suffering more because pain is not controlled but hey ho. If this isn't enough my dad told me on the weekend that he thinks I want something to be wrong with me and that I'm healthier than anyone!! This of course upset me but what can I do apart from walk away. My husband supported me and tried to explain what i was going through but I cant help feeling that he thinks the same which makes me feel down!! Why would anybody want to have any of this is beyond me. Sorry all just don't feel like I have anyone to talk to and after things going on for so long I am getting fed up. Life is so rubbish at times isn't it.
Hi :) nope no further. They did an ultrasound last week to look for causes outside of the gut for an explanation for the pain (ignoring the rest of the symptoms I guess?) I dont know the result of that but I don't think it was normal.
Capsule endoscopy was normal :)