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Horrible care at hospital

I have a large perianal abscess, and was admitted to the hospital on Monday. My normal colorectal surgeon was away at a conference, so I had to see her residents....I was told that my horrible pain (that was not even controlled with dilauded) was just from my anal skin tag (I have had this for three years, and I know that is not the problem). I was refused an exam under anesthesia, and one of the nurse practitioners said I was just a hypochondriac. Ironically, she told me this based on the fact that I have numerous chronic illnesses....she told my mom that I was just seeking attention, and that my newest diagnoses of fibromyalgia was made up. SERIOUSLY?! She didn't give me the pain meds that were finally helping control my pain because apparently they don't work for young adults. Also, she took me of my phenergan because "it looked like I was just seeking drugs when both zofran and phenergan are on my meds list". In her words, no one gets nausea every day, and if they say that then they are faking to get medications. I have been sent home with only a few pain meds and am waiting for my normal colorectal surgeon to come back and check me out.....

I just cannot believe that I was treated so badly when my pain is horrible, and my wbc was raised. The doctors did not listen to me; they interupted me and talked over me. :ymad: I am very sick, but did not receive any care


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Hello Essieluv
What a terrible experience for you, this should be reported to the hospital administrator and patient relations if it exists.
It may be helpful for the next patients upon whom they vent such ignorance..
The people saying such things are displaying incompetence and gross insensitivity to the pain and suffering a patient is going through and they should be fired.
How about your family doctor while waiting for the surgeon to return.
.At least your pain could be addressed and pain medication prescribed till you see the
Or, maybe you could go to another hospital for help.
I would beg to differ with that apparently ignorant nurse practitioner---some of us do get nausea daily and such an affliction is no picnic it adds to the unending pain...it is part of crohn's unfortunately.
I have found ginger jellies to be helpful with the nausea incidentally., and also find tylenol (paracetamol) regular strength to sometimes help together with heating pad and hot water bottles.Also there is gravol for nausea which is a very effective drug.
.However my pain is abdominal and cannot be compared to an anal abscess which must be quite unbearable for you.
Has your surgeon ever prescribed sitz baths.
You obviously need the abscess to be surgically drained plus a large dose of compassion from your medical team.
There needs to be an enquiry as to the less than optimal practices at this hospital.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes


What a terrible medical UNPROFESSIONAL!
Even if they think someone is a hypochondriac or seeking attention, you simply don't say that. Hypochondriacs suffer too and nobody goes to the hospital for fun. I'm sorry you weren't treated with respect and dignity and I hope your regular colorectal surgeon has better answers and solutions for you.
Needless to say, I was and still am very unhappy. I did talk to the manager of the ward I was on and told her about the problems I experienced. I just can't believe I was so disrespected, especially since I was admitted straight from a doctor appointment; my doctor sent me in, it's not like I came in on my own.


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Oh my goodness, how awful for you Essieluv! :(

The treatment you have received is nothing short of complete arrogance and ignorance. When you feel up to it please do write a letter of complaint, unless it is in writing the hospital will likely ignore what you have said. Also ensure you inform the doctor that sent you in and the surgeon when he returns.

Please tell me the ward you were on wasn’t a colorectal ward?! If it was then heaven help the patients there! It’s unforgivable if this occurred on a general ward but it was a specialist colorectal ward then they have serious problems. :(

Trysha has given you wonderful advice and tips. :) Good luck hun, I hope you are soon able to get some relief. :heart:

Dusty. xxx
Oh my goodness! I can not imagine how traumatic that must have been! Ditto what most said, write a letter of complaint. Share it with everyone including media if you don't get the response you need from administration. I would never go to that hospital again. I hope you have alternative choices.


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Hello Essiluv
Hope you are feeling a little better.
Please keep in touch and let us know how you make out with the surgeon.


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Hey Essie

I can't believe how you've been treated :( especially on a colorectal ward!

Definitely write a letter of complaint, or get your mum to if you don't feel up to it. They often ignore verbal complaints but a written one is much harder to blank. Before you send the letter, make sure you have a copy of it, either by doing it typed on the computer or scanning/ photo copying it if you can.

Please don't loose faith in the medical system completely , there are much better doctors and nurses out there. While you wait for your surgeon, get in touch with your primary care doctor. Make sure you tell your surgeon exactly what happened too.
Oh wow, how awful for you. I would definitely write a complaint to the hospital about how that doctor treated you. That is inexcusable. She should probably lose her medical license for how she behaved. Also make sure you tell your regular surgeon how you were treated and the name of the doctor who treated you this way so that in the future you never have to see her again. I am so sorry for your experience..

Totally inexcusable! I am so sorry you had to deal with all of that while not feeling well. I hope your normal colorectal Dr. speaks to the residents about the way they treated you. And I do hope you are feeling better soon. Hang in there!
I met with my surgeon and told her about the problems I experienced with the medical staff. She was not happy, so I think she will take care of things. I just hate to think of how long those doctors/residents had been treating patients like that. It's one thing when people who are used to being ill and in the hospital get poor care; we know how to stand up for ourselves since we've had years of practice. But those poor people who were beginning their battles with illness- I feel so bad for them...