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Hot Flashes


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Has anyone gotten hot flashes in the middle of the day? I have two teen daughters with Crohn's. Years ago my older daughter (20) got hot flashes before she was in remission. We mentioned it to GI and he fluffed it off saying it wasn't Crohn's. Now my 16 year old has had a few recently. Maybe it is a teen girl thing but none of my friend's daughters have had this.

I don't think it is anything serious just annoying.

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I don't know about hot flashes, but there have been times where I've woken up at night because of night sweats and have been totally soaked. I do know that mine is from IBD because it happens when my stomach is acting up.


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Yes, when my older daughter is in a flare she gets night sweats also. But this was during dinner, I swear she looked like may mother did when she went through menopause.