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Hot sauce...

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Yeah I found that out years ago , but I am not a fan of hot sauce anyways. Spicy foods are not on my agenda. Are you ok ????
Which kind of hot sauce did you have?

I use the original Tabasco sauce all the time without any noticable side-effects. The ingredients are simply distilled vinegar, red pepper, and salt.

However, I have a mild case of Crohns's and have been on the SC Diet for almost a year now -- so I wouldn't presuppose everyone would be able to use Tabasco unscathed!!


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New York, USA
lol...I have some days when hot sauce isn't friendly either.....but I LOVE my chicken wings on the medium-hot side (mouth watering right now!).....and also have green sauce at the office to use instead of salt to season things.....


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Oh ouch, I'm in pain just thinking about it! I can't do anything hot or spicy - even seemingly benign stuff like garlic and mild taco seasoning cause me problems. The blander it is, the safer it is. I hope you recover soon, Kelly!


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Yes Cat you are correct but I hate bland! I'll just have 1/8 the amount of sauce in future.

It was gooood. Soooo goood.

I can't cheat and have a carrot or a bran muffin by strict orders from GI, but hot sauce won't cause blockages, just an evening of discomfort. A change from bland was SO needed!

Worth it? Nope, but did I mention it was really good? :lol2:
Sad, I LOVE LOVE LOVE spicy food, I just can't eat it anymore, I will be in the bathroom with tears and throwing up it hurts so bad. I swear it upsets my stomach for days and days on end. So spicy food and hot sauce was the first to go.
Anything hot sets me off, I'm hoping that being on a fairly strict diet for awhile will let my insides heal a bit and I'll be able to eat hot stuff again.

Then again, it's been 3 years and only now have I really started to taking getting better seriously. I probably should have a much longer time ago...
I was a hot sauce FREAK before I got diagnosed in middle school. To this day I still love spicy food and I make some of the best salsa around ;) Unfortunately I just can't do it anymore.. It was a sad day for me when I realized that the joy from eating the spicy foods just is not worth the pain that night and the following days. I still try it every once in a while hoping that something has changed. Nope lol
So far I haven't noticed that hot sauces (or other spicy foods) have caused me any issues. I recently had surgery and hope that doesn't change as I LOVE spicy food! Spaghetti sauce on the other hand, I tend to have issues with that. They are not as bad as those some of you have, but I tend to avoid it most of the time (especially in higher quantities).