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How about frequent urination

I mean every hour and then some....24/7 for 22 months now. Personally, I think it's tied to the Humira I switch to at the that time from 7 years of Remicade. I jst figured if I don't have to have mouse in me - why should I?

The Humira hasnt made me feel better or worse than the Remicade - 5 minutes every two weeks beats 3 hours every two months - the shots (i dont use the pen because I flinch with that) are fine.

I think the CD has been in remission for a long time - doc says no - drugs are keeping it in check. I push the envelope on dosing and time in between - never have a problem.

But the P'ing is killing me - have not slept in 22 months - sleeping pills dont work. have tried every drug you see on TV - nada. Urologist says I am terribly inflamed in my bladder - well gee that's a surprise - check out my gut pal! Read a lot of threads on P'ing and CD - none on drug reaction....


Naples, Florida
That must be terrible :(

Are you negative for UTIs? Have they done a CT Scan or MRI to check and see if anything is pressing on your bladder or in some way interfering with your kidneys? I assume they evaluated you for diabetes?
yes - been tested for everything - going to do a colonoscopy to see if perhaps inflamed (although I feel just fine). No one has a clue as why i am P'ing so often - have had shots of botox in my bladder to calm it down - no luck with that aggressive treatment - specialist at NYU in NYC in urinary voidance - like going to Mayo or Cleveland Clinci - he is baffled.


Naples, Florida

Remember, call your doctor right away if you have an infection or any signs of an infection, including:

Fever, sweats, or chills
Muscle aches
Shortness of breath
Blood in phlegm
Weight loss
Warm, red, or painful skin or sores on your body
Diarrhea or stomach pain
Burning when you urinate
Urinating more often than normal
Feeling very tired
Almost two years of excessive urination! That's a long time! Please visit a urologist for a checkup. I know how terrible it can be, because I've spent sleepless nights thanks to an enlarged prostate that causes excess nighttime urination. I took Super Beta Prostate and noticed a definite improvement in my symptoms. If you wish, read up on a Super Beta Prostate review to get more information, but don’t use it without consulting your doctor first. I hope you feel better soon!