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How best to take Questran


I've used questran before (colestryramine) before but it didnt work but i decided to start up again as i have 0 life lol (due to D) i have 2 sachets in the morning before i eat and it seems to be better but 24hours from that time i go to the toilet like 3 times in a row (and go during the day but not as frequent) before i take it again maybe even shortly after I've taken it, so I've tried taking another sachet in the evening and i still get the same sort of problem and i still don't feel comfortable going out and taking it i have to take it eat something then wait an hour or 2 then i can go out for a short while feeling comfortable-ish lol so i think its clear my Diarrhea is due to bile acids.

anyone else in a similar situation or found a solution and can shine some light on the situation that'd be greatly appreciated.

How do you take your "bile acid binder"?
i have to take loperamide too if i have to go somewhere and not eat after my meal with my questran, even then i don't feel safe.

before i had any operation or anything i used to use the toilet 4 times a day lol but the difference then was i could hold it and with this questran my stool arent so so runny so maybe i can hold it but i get way too anxious lol.

i just want a life :(
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Everyone has there own experiences with medications, but I have been taking 2 Cholestyramine Packets a day for at least 13 years. I dont take both packets at the same time. Occassionally, if constipated I have only taken 1 packet per day ( but only for 1 day. ) I suffered terribly from yellow, watery diarrhea for a long time before I got prescribed the Cholestyramine Powder. Actually my Primary Care Physician prescribed it for me at the time, as I had no diagnosis yet, had not seen a Gastroenterologist and had not had a colonoscopy. Without this medicine I would be in the hospital with yellow, watery diarrhea, dry heaves, nausea and vomiting and one sick gut, that is for sure. I still hate the taste and the texture. I dont necessarily take it with food. I just took one dose a short while ago, but had to stare at the cup for 1/2 hour before I could say"bottoms up" and drink it.
Hope you start feeling better 🌻

the normal questran is definitely more better than the questran light but my chemist cant seem to give me the right one so i blend the questran light and it isnt so bad like. so can you not eat and take it and it'll still work ? sorry just trying to grasp exactly how it works lol because youre meant to take it with food apparently lol and do you have a specific diet or just stay away from certain foods?

Thanks for the response <3
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