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How can you calm down your anger?

even though after I was diagnosed as crohn for 7 years
and I'm currently in remission, but I cannot calm down my anger
everyday I wake up, I hope all things is dream

there are two main reason why I cannot calm down my anger

first reason is
I'm afraid that I have to wait until new med comes, while spending my youth
when I was young I was smart, and after growing up, I graduate good college in my country but not best,
I have descent job, but my friends have more descent job than me
I always image how good will I if I'm healthy, enormous

second reason is
people who cannot understand severity my disease and rude people who ask why I don't behave as normal
I would, if I could! but can't since chronic fatigue eat me, cannot enjoy party which is going all night
also my father, who have gave me too much stress when I was young. he was alchoholic, I couldn't sleep well all the day, called police twice
I suspect it is main reason of my disease
how can I introduce myself, my father is ****, and I'm so sick, so I'm poor at almost everything what normal people do except work

why it was ME? I didn't anything WRONG.. I..
life is only one. I HATE GOD :(

so should I consult with doctor?
how can you guys deal with anger? maybe no anger?