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How can you tell if your pregnant or if its Crohn's?

Hi Im 29 yrs old and I have been living with Crohns for at least 16 years. Last month we started trying to get pregnant and this past week I have been feeling very emotional and tired. Im the opposite of having constipation and started having nausea. I cant tell if my symptoms are from my Crohn's acting up from stress or if I am actually pregnant. Before when I was married and been dating; anytime I would get sick we would worry it was a sign that we are pregnant. Now that we feel we are ready, I am anxious to know without using my last HTP stick if I am or not. I already peed on a stick a week ago and it came out neg. but I cant tell when my period is coming since its been irregular since we started trying.

Does anyone know how you can tell the difference between early pregnancy symptoms or Crohns?
I think it can be hard to tell. Maybe go to your family doc and ask for a blood test for pregnancy. I understand those are the most accurate.
I was lucky enough to not get sick early on in my pregnancy so the only way I had a feeling I was pregnant was my sore boobs and just the feeling that I was. I would agree that a blood test is the best way to know if you are pregnant because your HCG levels will rise if you are.