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How did you get your diagnosis

Hello everyone!

I've been having IBD since 2010, my GI thought it was Crohn but didn't confirm. But since any of the GI in my area couldn't control my flare that lasts since September, some of them though it was maybe UC and not a Crohn.

I had a colonoscopy this week and the GI, almost as soon as he entered my colon, was 100% affirmative, it is Crohn.

I am curious: How did you get your diagnosis? Did it take a lot of time? Did it change? Was it after a colonoscopy?

Have a nice day! :biggrin:
I was diagnosed with IBD after colonoscopy, mostly likely UC but later MRI results were inconclusive as were biopsies so my official diagnosis is indeterminate. It could change as I have only been diagnosed for 1.5 years.
Mine was by colonoscopy.
I had typical symptoms of UC, but when the GI saw the pictures taken during the scope he said the ulcers were classic Crohn's ulcers and definitely not UC. Biopsies were taken but I don't know what the pathology report said.
Official diagnosis is Crohn's Colitis as disease was seen no further up than ileocaecal valve.


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I was diagnosed with Proctitis in 2006 after sigmoidoscopy,results took about 4wks.Recently changed to Crohns-Colitis after colonoscopy and MRI scan.Results took about 4wks after each test.
I had 2 CT scans and an eventual colonoscopy officially diagnosed it. I present as classic UC however biopsies have some crohns presentation. Recent MRI showed possible rectum involvment. Since no one can decide exactly which I have I'm indeterminate.
I was diagnosed after three Colonoscopies. The first one, the GI I had said it didn't seem like there was enough inflammation to be Crohn's. I moved to a different GI and she was concerned because he totally just discounted the Ulcer I had. She gave me a tenative Crohn's diagnosis and started treating it as if it was Crohn's. It wasn't until my third Colonoscopy a year and a half ago that biopsies confirmed my diagnosis after 6 years of suffering and even being admitted at one point for a bowel obstruction at one point. They still classify mine as mild to moderate Crohn's most the time, because it responds well to steroids. Everytime I am put on IV Prednisone it calms right down, a blessing and a curse.
Diagnosed with IBS-constipation for two years. Then I had a bad flare up with blood for over a week. Admitted to ER and they ran tests and then they did a colonoscopy and took
Biopsies and found Results to be Crohn's
I was diagnosed with biopsies from colonoscopy and through biopsies taken from an abscess. Was backed up with blood tests and stool tests. I guess all doctors diagnose differently, as my CRS would not diagnose, but led me to a doctor that could, even though his biopsies pointed to Crohns.

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In 1996 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis by an emergency lower GI test.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Proctitis by a flexible sig test.

In 2014 I had a colonoscopy and no inflammation was found.
For me, it was an upper GI follow through that did the trick. I'd had a barium enema previously, but this one was the definitive. Even I could see the narrowing. I don't honestly recall when the first colonoscopy was. I had my first visit with my GI immediately following the follow through and that is when I was told, mind you that was also 30 years ago when a doctor could often see you immediately. Mine was quite a severe case of crohn's until I finally met remicade. That was a game changer.


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I was diagnosed the day after Thanksgiving,2013. I had an emergency bowel resection due to a complete blockage. That was Monday and my surgeon came to me Friday saying the lab results were back and Crohn's was confirmed.I was 'doing laps' around the ward at the time and my surgeon was doing his rounds,he walked with me for a bit and gave me the news.
I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, unconscious. Turns out I had a massive pulmonary embolism and almost died. I was in the hospital for three weeks and had all kinds of tests, x-rays, ct scan. On my last night there, a doctor stepped into the room and said: "You have Crohn's. I'm sorry but I have to go." And he walked out of the room. I had no idea what that even was, until I got home and googled it. Bowel diseases, such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, increase the risk of DVT.
I was diagnosed with UC after a colonoscopy, after 3 days in the hospital for severe D, bleeding, pain and dehydration. I also had a CT scan while in the ER which showed pancolitis, which is why they admitted me.

This was about 6 months ago. I had been getting progressively sicker for almost a year before that. Looking back, I've had symptoms for almost 8 years, but it was never bad enough to see a doctor about (and I hadn't had insurance for most of that time anyway) until recently. Now I hope I can find a med that works...
Colonoscopy showed some mild inflammation but then the CT Scan made it clear that I had a stricture in the old Terminal Ileum.

I had symptoms for about 20 years, but initially they gave me a gastroscopy, but not colonscopy for some reason and "diagnosed" me with IBS. It was about 18 years later that things seemed to be getting worse, but I kept believing it was IBS as I never saw any blood. So it wasn't until I lost loads of weight that I went back to the doctor.
My kid was officially diagnosed after her endoscopy/ colonoscopy as indeterminate. MRE confirmed crohns. She lost 35 lbs and had blood in her stool, going 26x a day so everyone suspected it, just wouldn't say for sure until after tests.
Following a period of severe abdominal pain, fatigue and lack of appetite aged 17 (all similar but more severe/extended than the symptoms I'd had over the 10 years prior) and after my GP had tried to diagnose me with stress and lack of fibre in my diet, I had a barium follow through which showed numerous strictures throughout my small bowel.

The barium follow through was sufficient (along with the raised inflammatory markers in my blood) for my doctor to diagnose Crohn's. I'd had the follow through the day after meeting the consultant (UK, private doctor, basically self-referred) and received my diagnosis from my consultant the day after that and started on prednisolone that night. The year was 1996.

A year later I had a colonoscopy which confirmed Crohn's (granulomas seen on biopsy) and showed a perfectly healthy colon - my disease has always been limited to the small bowel.

In the last 19 years my disease behaviour has remained firmly as stricturing jejunoileitis.
I had C-diff at age 19, and was told i just had post-infectious IBS for the next few years. When I was 22 i agreed to finally have a scope done, they did a colonoscopy and said there was inflammation but he wasn't sure exactly what it was. Threw Lialda at me and never saw him again. Finally after another year and half of being miserable, i found a new GI who is wonderful. She did another colonoscopy said it looked like crohn's when I woke up but biopsies all came back UC (she did over 20 of them that time - and my follow up scope almost two years later also all came back UC). It was a rough path, but i have never felt as bad as i did before diagnosis.