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How do I stop diarrhea?

I'm 2 weeks after my Stelara infusion & I know it can take some time to work. GI has given me lomital and told me to take it every 6 hrs as needed which has been round the clock. I still have slight blood, not bad. The D seems to be worse at night. I have been told to eat a high protein diet with little carbs, add veg when I think I can. So I'm wondering should I try a bowl of oatmeal, even tho it's a carb, to see if I can thicken things up, or do you guys think that might be death by oatmeal? Nothing but D since December so getting desperate.
I've been having brutal water D for a long long time now. Im starting Stelera on Monday and hopefully it'll work. I've been on Prednisone 40mg for a week now but still bloody water and Im losing my mind. Im feeling sick and weak all of the time now and would like for this D to subside a bit. I dont even know how many times im going a day.

That all being said, nothing a really worked for me to slow the D. Ive eaten oatmeal.. Ive eaten everything actually - probably my problem to be honest. But I have done complete grain free for a couple months... stayed away from dairy.. nothing has really made an impact. Now Im just eating whatever - I made a roast brisket with potatoes and carrots yesterday - My symptoms are the same regardless.

If anything works for you, I'd love to hear
Be sure to drink enough fluids so you don't get dehydrated. Bananas help me, and rice and oatmeal. You could try a small amount first, and see how it feels. I stay away from fat, because it makes things worse. Hope you feel better soon.
The SCD intro diet works really well.
If you're not up for cutting out quite that much, I agree with low carb, high protein, and veggies - you can try boiling and pureeing veggies to make them easier to digest. That is what I have been doing since my most recent flare - along with not cooking with oil, no sugar, grains, lactose...No D for a couple weeks now.
I hope you feel better soon!
Thanks all. Turftec you are about 2 weeks behind me I think. I was exactly the same as you, got my Stelara 2 weeks ago and things have improved some. I also felt like I was a step away from loosing my mind. Just want the D to stop. Will try the suggestions on here.
Best wishes! If you decide to try the SCD intro, you can download a free guide that breaks it into simple steps on scdlifestyle.com
That is what I used when I did the intro after my diagnosis.