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How do you deal with stress and anxiety?

Hi guys,

I'm experiencing a difficult period since april when i lost a lot of blood from my small bowel due probably to inflammatory strictures and ended up in ER.

I had a cycle of prednisone and started Vedolizumab in June, and went back to another prednisone cycle three weeks ago, as i felt bad and entyvio may takes time to kick in.

I'm experiencing nausea two hours after i eat, so i''m mostly on a liquid diet now. The problem is I sometimes can't stop thinking about the disease, the eventuality of having a blockage or a surgery, plus the stress of not eating normally... i think prednisone is not helping as my mind is strange when i'm under pred, but i obviously need it to calm down inflammation...

Do you have advices or techniques to help stay relax, or some natural meds that make you feel better and safe even during a flare?
I meditate, listen to music, go for long walks, have a hot bath. When I have insomnia and can't stop thinking, I take Benadryl. It's an allergy medication, but makes you sleepy. Try not to dwell on things that may not happen. :ghug:


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I like music too and have an extensive CD collection. Every evening I put on the stereo for a couple of hours to destress, and degauss the mind. Picking up and learning to play a simple instrument like a ukulele helps pass time and take ones mind off of pain.