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How do you deal with the flu while on immunosuppressants ?

I have been sick all week and it is getting annoying now what do you usually do to recover quickly from the flu or other usual bugs while on immunosuppressants ?

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I'd consult the doctor about skipping a dose of the immunosuppressant (if meds orally dosed on a daily/weekly basis), go for alot of sleep and rest, healthy and natural food such as soup made from organic veggies and organic chicken (only if feeling hungry). I'd also take probiotics and a multivitamin.


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In my experience, I treat any illness the same as I would if I wasn't on other meds - HOWEVER - I keep an eye on my symptoms and if they don't go away, get worse than they should or things don't seem right, I touch base with my doctor.

Rest, rest and more rest is key, not pushing yourself too quickly, keeping fluids up as well as eating when you can also help.....