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How do you drive through farmland to get to friend's house?

I'm in the U.S.A.............

I live in a city/downtown and to get to a lot of friends houses I have a 20 minute or more drive through country where there are no bathrooms, nothing at all except farms, cows, and so on WHAT TO DO? During that drive I can still have diarrhea and need to use the restroom!!!!

Also how do you know which gas stations/businesses have bathrooms open to public BEFORE walking in or parking to find out? I don't live in a big city, many places do not have restrooms and you'd have to jump over their counter to use the restroom which I'm sure many would not allow you to do......
How isolated is the countryside? Are you likely to be caught if you used a ditch? You could try a travel toilet/child's potty with disposable liners in your car if it's big enough for you to be able to manoeuvre on to it. Failing that, there's always incontinence pads!

As for businesses, you can get a 'can't wait' card which is supposed to make businesses more amenable to letting you use their bathroom. But generally it's bigger, chain businesses that have public bathrooms.
The country is not too isolated, there's always either cars going by or farmers out and about. Too risky to get caught goin in a ditch! I'm sure it wouldn't be safe to knock on random doors/random houses! LOL