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How do you get Ensure???

Seriously how??

I have asked for it face to face now 5 times, I left a message for my GP for it yesterday saying I was getting really desperate, need some sort of nutrition.

He left a message back with the receptionist "needs food not drinks" .. err.. What?!!

Have asked again for him to phone me..

Have tried Complan, Slimfast- eruptions! I dont normally drink milk

Phoned the hospital too - said need to go to GP

Any other products I can look into or something??

Thanks in advance guys


Hi Dancer,

We phoned up the hospital which cares for Meg and the dietician sorted it out. I believe she got in touch with our GP and got a prescription and it was delivered to our house about two day's later. Have they assigned you a dietician?
No this is the problem - he wont refer to hospital or dietician

He said - just get over it and eat, if it hurts it hurts. He isnt willing to help any further - just eat or starve

Left another message, waiting to hear back.

Getting so frustrated!!
Sounds like your GP is a delightful character. If you have to resort to buying it Boots pharmacy can order Ensure in for you, only takes 24 hours or so.
He is a nightmare, and I have had to wait for him to come back from holiday!!

Thanks hun, rang boots.. £3.69 a bottle..Eeeeek!!

Waiting for Dr Google to ring me (he loves to google for medical info!)
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New York, USA
He said - just get over it and eat, if it hurts it hurts. He isnt willing to help any further - just eat or starve
OMG...I"d be changing doctors!....what the...that attitude is HORRENDOUS!!!!!

In the US- Ensure can be found at pretty much any grocery and/or pharmacy.....
I can order it in myself, but will be around £40 for a starter box

Doc phoned me back, has not heard of Ensure Juice plus but will ring the Dietican for me to check it out.

Fingers crossed :)
He is now getting on the case- doing referral for me (which he had refuse)

and ringing to find out about Ensure. He said its normally used for crohns or colitis... I explained I couldnt eat bar Jelly + squash - so not much nutrition.. think he understands now.

He didnt know I was still unwell - is now getting on the case thankfully!

How many drinks do you typically need a day?? 2-3 or more?? May try and order a few.. cant really afford many more, they are pricey!

Thanks guys
This may not be helpful in the short term for you, Danceruk, since it sounds like you need something NOW. More long-term, one of the things I did was to go on their website and get the coupons they offer. I also phoned them and they sent me five coupons for $4 (Canadian) off the price of a 6-pack. They're still expensive, but it took a bit of the financial edge off. About five months later, they sent me another batch of coupons without me asking...
When I was on Elemental, which is a similar concept to Ensure but more specific to people with GI complaints, they were telling me to drink 8/9 cartons per day. A couple won't realistically sustain you for long because they're only about 200/300 calories each.

Hope you can get hold of a prescription, sounds like the least doctors should be doing for you. :(
Aah.. I see.. no way I can afford £20 quid a day, I dont spend that a week on food!!

Fingers crossed, he just dosent know anything about it.. is confused why I want it when i have crohns.. hopefully I made myself clear!!


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New York, USA
Over in the US - Ensure is used for more than just Crohns' or colitis...it is a nutritional supplement for anyone to use.......for whatever need they have.

Glad to hear you finally pounded some sense into the Dr.......


Hiya, Meg has 6 or 7 a day, it does provide her with all the calories she needs. XXX

Hopefully you will get it on prescription xx