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How do you get the best out of your doctor?


Are there specific questions that should be asked when you are 1st diagnosed? Going on to a new med? etc
Whats the best way of asking a question?
Is there anything that we, as a patient, should do/prepare before each appointment to help get the best out of the visit?
Hi Rygon,

These are some of the questions I ask my doctors whenever something new comes up & I write them down so I don't forget:

What was found on the tests exactly?

Are any more tests needed now or down the road?

What is the next step to get things under control? IV infusions (remicade), pills--Entocort, 6MP) or injections-Humira

If I develop any serious side effects should I call you first or head to the ER??

If I need to see you if symptoms get very bad, am I able to get in to see you the next day or would I have to wait weeks?

How soon do you return a patient's call if they are having health issues?

Are there any restrictions with work, diet exercise?

Can I have a script so I can meet with a dietician to learn what foods are gut friendly? (FYI Rygon: dieticians have several years of experience in working with many different types of illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, IBD, etc. and the special dietary needs that go with it. I've met with one many times whenever I'd flare and needed to relearn what was easy on the gut).

May I have something for pain (FYI: patients have that right to be made comfortable when flaring) because I am not able to function daily. If your GI won't give pain medication, talk to your primary MD.

Will you be keeping my other doctors (If you have several like I do) in the loop so if they change my care plan, it won't interfere with my Crohn's treatment? If he doesn't, ask that he does.

Hope this helps Rygon. ((hugs)) GW
In retrospect, when I was first diagnosed I should have sat down for a few days and read any study I could find, any information on drugs used and all treatment option available. Then do a specific analyze and apply that to my own case.

When seeing my GI after I was diagnosed the very first thing I should have asked is about long term management and deep remission.

Today, I always get print outs of my blood tests, I ask specific questions about drugs and treatment. Plus, never take a statement without a reason on face value. I had a GI once who said I should try smoking... Seriously. I asked if he meant marijuana, but he said no, regular tobacco. Having read that tobacco has quite negative effects on Crohn's (this is well established) I didn't stay long with this guy...