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How do you manage joint pain?

I have been having a horrible time with joint pain. In the past it was only my ankles that gave me problems, but lately I am having horrible problems with my hands and wrists, legs and hips. I saw my Rhumy a few weeks ago and I was feeling fine when I saw her. Of course two days after the appointment, everthing starts going down hill. I am making another appointment, but I am curious to know how others manage their joint pain? I don't like taking pain killers unless I absolutely have to, but I think I might need to. Is there anything else I can do? This is the worst! Thanks in advance.

I have it on and off but nothing too bad. Lately it isnt joint pain but my elbows and knees are very sensitive. The one time I had bad joint problem I was put on a short run of pred.

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Pred seems to make my joints worse, and I will be finished tomorrow, thank goodness. I use Myo med natural pain reliever. Just trying to avoid and more pill popping. I just put it on , and helps a bit but at least I can walk. What ever you do dont take Ibuprofen, makes the gut bleed, on anyone, let alone us. I do know of an older lady who takes Tylenol for arthritis, and she says it works so could give that a try? Hope you get relief soon.