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How do you satisfy your sweet tooth?

I'm on the SCD diet (for about a month) and am struggling with giving up sweets. Specifically chocolate. I've been making banana ice cream but it's only worth it with nut butter mixed in. :) I can't handle peanut butter yet or that would be a nightly snack.

I was just wondering what other people eat to satisfy your sweet cravings.


I don't follow SCD but I'm trying to stay away from sugar so I'm curious what people say. I know that coconut water ices make for a great treat and you can enjoy the natural fruit sugar.
I know cocoa isn't SCD legal but i'm past SCD
It's a great diet (i'm grateful that it led me to paleo, and then to medium carb paleo), but it is overly restrictive for many people and if the overly restrictive nature leads to non-compliance and 'diet failure" then you may want to ask a few questions........
SCD and GAPS eliminate a huge number of foods, so it is not clear where the benefit comes from, maybe not all the restrictions are really necessary.
If you can do SCD by adding cocoa back in (NOT commercial chocolate, that stuff is poison), then you may have found a diet that you can live with?[1]
I make my own chocolate with cocoa butter, cocoa and coconut sugar (go easy on the sugar, think dark chocolate)
and this is great....
chocolate pudding,
avocado, cocoa powder, coconut cream and honey

There are websites devoted to SCD legal treats[2], just google, but remember that too much honey is too much sugar. Finding the reason behind the craving (emotional issues, addiction etc) will be of more benefit. Look for paleo treats too, and don't overdo the nuts

[1] Day 35 – What about chocolate?
I find Elaine and Dr. Haas’ beliefs about chocolate and cocoa to be outdated. More current research on chocolate shows it has several health benefits including anti-inflammatory properties. See the information below.
[2] eg. http://www.scdforlife.com/p/desserts.html
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forgot the important part
chocolate pudding,
avocado, cocoa powder, coconut cream and honey
Refrigerate and eat cold

Thinking back, the thing that got me through SCD was
- stewed apples and almond flour, bowls and bowls of it.
my son ate it with cocoa and honey
I caramalise banana in butter and add honey...tastes good, if you wish you can also add a little sugar...i do it without the sugar.
I can't do store bought chocolate and I didn't know what to do with cocoa. I'm going to have to experiment. That banana idea sounds yummy too.

I'm so used to eating sweets that it's hard to stop. I think it's more tthe idea of giving up sweets than a sugar addiction. It's nice to have a little something once in awhile.
I have a raging sweet tooth. This is my dessert of choice lately - blueberry pudding. It only has 4 ingredients: coconut oil, coconut butter, blueberries, and bananas. It makes a very thick, dense pudding, almost like a cheesecake consistency...
I got it from this site: --oops, I'm new here and can't post the url--- It's at realfoodforager dot com: the recipe is coconut-blueberry-pudding.

I also drink various kinds of tea with honey...although I do try to limit my honey intake to only a couple of tablespoons per day.

If I've been feeling well for quite some time, I will sometimes make a raw chocolate using just raw cacao, coconut oil, honey, almonds, and sea salt.

Lately I've been eating watermelon as a treat.
I was just wondering what other people eat to satisfy your sweet cravings.

A couple of sulfur-free or organic dried dates will normally suffice for me. They are naturally sweet and rich. This is how I weaned myself off commercial chocolate.

Can you eat candid pecans? They are easy to make and very satisfying - you literally only need a couple.

Or you could try raw chocolate which is meant to be better for you:


I have loads of sugar-free sweet treat recipes at home, but I am not sure if you can have them on a SCD & Paleo diet? Would you like me to type some up regardless?
I also eat dates. They're so sweet and rich a couple satisfy my sweet tooth. You can also make lots of sweet things using coconut flour if you tolerate it.
We eat tons of fresh fruit. My motto is, "Out-of-season berries are cheaper than an endoscopy."

There are quite a few SCD-legal cookie recipes out there. The finer-ground Bob's Red Mill almond flour is much better than the coarser for baking.

My daughter loves macaroons made with honey (they don't keep well but are very tasty).

I've also made some delicious candied nuts that are SCD Legal.
I'm following "how I feel" when it comes to diet. Eating whole foods and stuck somewhere between the land of Paleo and SCD. If you can eat Larabars, they are a great sweet treat and easy to go to snack when on the run.
Fortunately there are some additional commercial options now. My daughter loves Caveman Cookies (some are not SCD legal so check the label). Also something called Charmed.
Well SCD was not working for me. As I decide on my next diet plan, I decided to indulge in a big bowl of French silk ice cream. NOT a good option for a sweet tooth. :(

Think I'll go back to a blended banana and gelatin for awhile.
Well, Elaine Gottschall says that if you try SCD with fanatical adherence for a month and don't see a substantial improvement, then it is not the solution for you.

Hope you find what works for you, and that you feel better soon.