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How do you take your Pentasa

Do you take your Pentasa with meals or on an empty stomach? I seem to can take it both ways with no problems, but I want to know which is better?
Thanks Pen - I am wondering what the sense of pentasa is but that's another thread....

Anyhew, I try to take with food if eating and drink too. When in hospital,m I had an NG tube and the stuff came out after taking it - they let is *sit* in my system for about 1-2 hours before re hooking me and it was the only by mouth thing I was taking. That said, it got sucked out after and was black and gunky, and then they stopped it per my request as I was feeling worse.

I also get black tongue - cheeks from time to time with it as well.

I am still on 3G daily (three times, 1G each) as a maintenance drug. Bleah.