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How does having IBD affect daily life?



Hye peeps,

Hope you are all keeping good and enjoying life. I wondered if you would possibly take the time to answer this question that I wanted to put your way and see what your thoughts were on the subject. On a daily basis, is your life affected in a serious way with having IBD?

I will start since I posted the question lol. At the moment I suppose on a daily basis things are pretty good for me just now so I guess I become a little braver daily and a bit more confident, perhaps this is dangerous but hey what the hell I do it anyway. In the past when my crohns was relatively bad I was affected with everything that I do even just driving 15 minutes to work can become a choir, but just now I am greatful that I don't worry about it every minute of every day but I am aware of it being there.



Well since I've had crohn's for 21 of my 27 years off life I really don't have anything to base a "normal" day. I've grown up knowing every day is different and nothing is ever the same. I do plan stuff out around my crohn's. Like bathrooms, eating, and other things. But those things have been ingrained in me for so long that it's just become second nature to me. So you can say it controls my entire life or on the other hand you can say it doesn't.



Having Crohn's Disease has meant that every day I visit this forum now :applause: .

Otherwise right now it does not affect me too much. I watch what I eat a bit, but if anyone was with me for the day they could just assume that I was on some diet (which is true... low residue diet) and they would never even think anything was wrong with me. Of course things were MUCH different before my surgery, but since then things have been absolutley fabulous.


On a good day, it doesn't affect me at all but on a bad day I do not leave the house. Thankfully the good day out weigh the bad ones by far.

Jo x


Totally depends on the day. Some days there is absolutely nothing that isnt' affected from trying to get to work, to not being able to take meds for a cold, to worrying that my backache is my bones rotting away. :(

Lately very little is affected. I still always have bathroom locations in mind and think before I eat but more and more it doesnt come down to that for me. I am very blessed. Even if this peaceful time doesn't last I will be thankful for the days I have :)


Oh Danny,

How i have missed your questions!! lol

For me its ok at the moment having a few good day's however on bad day's it would affect me going out, my attitude and emotions ..


Mainly the food I eat, it's very frustrating not to be able to eat the foods you love.

Also the bother of having to remember to take meds every day - but on the plus side it has promted me to take vits and supplements I wouldn't have taken before, which I feel are keeping colds at bay and doing me good aside from the UC.

The other thing it effects is time off at work, i have been in trouble in the past for taking to much time off sick, and having to try and explain myself.

I can't really think of anything right now, being in remission and all... Oh yeah, I pass wind a lot more!!!


Eats up a little time, and restricts me from pushing myself as hard as i used to, but doesnt affect my time too badly....i still live fairly normally, although i dont feel 100% at the same time


Always love your Qs Danny...

At the moment I would have to say Im very lucky with my daily Crohns routine.. just remembering to take my pills, and forcing myself to take all of them, keeping up with DRs appointments, watching what I eat, if I can eat.. all very minor issues compaired to what I had to deal with before.

...not being able to leave the house in the morning because I wasnt done using the toilet, and then having to deal with an hour drive to work, and the panic of not making it. constant bleeding, drugs that didnt work and all the wonderful side effects I had to deal with anyways, cramps, nausia... etc etc... dont want to deal with it ever again.


Good question. Even my good days aren't the 'normal' ones I used to have prior to being diagnosed. The meds allow me to get sick easier, and I am more tired than I ever was before.

For me, I am not the mom I want to be to my kids. I am so different with my son now than I was with my daughter. For her I was always on the floor, running around outside, or playing with. She has a hard time understanding why I can't be like that anymore. I play when I can, but hardly ever on the floor or running around like I used to. And believe me, it sucks.

Also, I used to travel alot, and be more active socially. I lost all of my so-called friends because of this disease because I would no longer go out, for fear of crapping my pants if I couldn't get to the potty in time. I hate to travel now, and worry for days before I do go somewhere. I don't like to go out to eat because I always spend alot of time in the potty after I eat.

And the ol' sex life...well, I am what you would have called..adventurous and very active. But since being diagnosed, I sometimes "fret" when we have sex for fear that I will have an accident or something so I don't as often as I would like to. Thank God my hubby is sooo good with me about these things or I probably wouldn't have sex at all!

Good questions! I like to hear that I am not the only one with problems.