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How does Humira work for you?

Hi everyone,

My GI wants to start me on Humira sometime very soon. I'm a little apprehensive about injecting myself with a needle, but if that's what it takes to make me better, I'll do it.

I had surgery a couple of weeks ago for an anal fistula, and my Crohn's flared up over the weekend to the point where all I can basically do is lay on the couch and moan. The GI bumped me back up to 40mg prednisone, which will taper and overlap with the Humira injection. I'm waiting for them to call me to set up the "IV training" where I'll actually learn how to properly inject myself and give myself the first dose of Humira. I'm hoping that'll be in the next week or so, but in the meantime, I'm just wondering how Humira has worked for those of you who have been on it.

I'm so sick and miserable right now and I just want my life back. I'm really hoping that Humira will be able to do that for me...
I use the pens really easy. I don't think that it hurts maybe for a few seconds it stings but that is it. I am doing really good on Humira have been on it for awhile. For me it is either stay on Humira or surgery yet again. After starting Humira I felt like I did get my life back, I have much more energy then I did before starting. Good luck. Injecting yourself isn't bad at all.
Ive been on Humira for just over a year. I use a injectable pen once every two weeks.... its pretty straight forward. It does hurt a little (as a needle should) but if you hold it in place for a few seconds after the medicine goes in the pain dissipates really fast. You become used to it after a few times. The drug itself has done wonders for me... been mostly flare free for 9 months or so. I was able to get pregnant 7 months ago because I was finally at a healthy weight and feeling good! I also have fistula, though mine is perianal... practically same thing. It was a BAD one (resulted from being ignored for to long by my first GI doctor) that Ive had problems with since Jan. of 04. It is now almost healed and docs want to remove Cton and drain tube after the baby is born in December. I have Humira to thank for that.

My Butt Hurts

I've been on Humira since February. It worked VERY well for me for the first 4 months, and I started seeing results on day 6. It kind of pissed out since then, but I'm still doing the shots. It has kept my fistula inactive since then.
The shots only sting for 10 - 15 seconds, but it is SO worth it to feel better. I would do one every day if it made me feel like I did those 1st 4 months.
My husband does the injections, and I hold my breath and look away. There is a step by step video, I think it's on www.myhumira.com .
It's really not that bad. I ice up first, then press on the injection site afterwards to minimize bruising.
Good luck.
I just started Humira. I did my first injection this past Friday, so I think it's probably too early for me to tell. I am on the last week of my prednisone, thank goodness. I'm so tired of feeling hungry all the time. The Humira, like the others have mentioned, it stings for the first couple of seconds, other than that it's not bad. I have heard from another that if you let the med sit out for about 15-20 mins. its not as bad b/c it's had a chance to "warm" up a little before sticking yourself. Do any of you inject right out of the fridge or let it sit out for a bit?
I hope you get some relief!


I started Humira July 2008. I can't say I've noticed any positive or negative changes. I wasn't "flaring" when I started. However, my SED rate was elevated and I had minor inflammation. My biggest issue is joint pain and that has not improved. I will re-check my SED rate next month to see if it has helped there.
I don't like the sound of the pen when it is injecting. It clicks while the medicine is entering. I could do without that. It does sting but I am better after a few seconds.
Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your responses. I cannot wait to get started on Humira. The past few days have been really awful for me. I've been flaring pretty badly even though the GI upped my prednisone dose, and I've been throwing up after about 50% of my meals. I'm just waiting for the authorization to go through so the insurance company will pay for it...I'm hoping it will be taken care of today. At this point, even if it only gives me a month of feeling good, I'll take it!

I know I say this all the time, but it's so nice to have a community like this where everyone is so helpful and supportive. Whenever I'm feeling really bad, I just come here and read what others have posted and it always makes me feel better to know that there are others who are going through this as well and know exactly how I'm feeling. It makes such a world of difference. Thank you all!
Hi bwightman, and welcome. I"m going to be starting Humira next week, and am hoping that it works, as my Crohn's has never been completely in remission. Personally I requested the pen, but if you want you can use the syringe. Just be sure to tell the pharmacist which one you want, or have the doctor write on the script which one you want. I'll try to post here on this site of my progress, or create a blog so I don't have to search for the thread that I started of my progress every couple weeks.


Im new here so sorry for the spill..I been taking humira for about a year (I was on the remicade prior and all was well in the world) but I guess this is cheaper and easier....4 weeks ago I broke out in a cold sweat, bad stomach pain and passed out only to go to the hospital to have a 23000 white blood cell count and be admitted for the weekend - I got out took my antibiotics till they were gone - dont forget the prednison :) only to be put back in with the same thing not even 2 weeks later - - so im officially off the humira just had another remicade treatment and just waiting to see if I have to go back. The main issue Im having now is my blood pressure being 155/103 most of the time - even before the prednisone.
Im a average guy bout 170 lbs and really really watch what I eat..dont smoke or drink...im at the point of confusion and have no idea anymore what is wrong with me........by the way, all of your stories and situations are very helpfull to confused guys like me :)
Its only been a week and I haven't noticed a huge difference yet. Its only 4 injections down, 2 more to go next week then the maintenance doses.

I did have a couple of days initially where I felt incredible though.


I just had my first maintenance dose...I seem to be doing somewhat better...not getting sick after eating unless it's a higher fat food...the pens hurt...and I really hate the sound of the clicking...I make my husband give me the injections...


I have been injecting myself just over 8 months for my RA. I feel OK just wished I had more energy during the day. I'm retired from the military and the VA gives me all my medicine. They have really got a handle on my RA. Since taking Humira I have been off other drugs with no problems. I just take the shots and MTX and have my blood checked every month to 6 weeks. Cant really complain about anything. It would do no good anyway
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I'm on the maintenance doses now and for about 3-5 days after each injection I get cold like symptoms then I'm fine. I have been able to eat without much trouble since I started with a couple of hiccups were I had D and vomiting but otherwise better then it was before.
Good stuff Drew. Hopefully it will work for you. I was on Humira for 3 years, and I found it great for most of the time. It was only in the last 6-8 months that the effects started wearing off for me. I was on a weekly injection for the past year.
Well the dr's are now saying they want me off the humira and go straight to surgery as my age and the fact that they don't know what the long term effects of the drug will do to me, they'd rather try and get remission surgically and only go back to the biologics as a last resort now that they know it does help me, I have failed all the other lower level treatments (entocort, pentasa ect).