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how does this seem to you please

HI,Im new to this group and my 8 year old is going for colonoscopy and endoscopy in 2 weeks to confirm diagnosis. I am so confused and scared. Her symptoms started or I noticed about 2 months ago. She had loose .mushy ,diarrhea. Her bowl movement is once sometimes twice a day. there were days she go every other day. Sometimes she went and needed to go back to finish it. She sometimes complained her stomach ache but only before bowl movement. After she was done no more pain. She eats and drink everything, she is very active. We started probiotic and seems she is having solid stool back again.
Doctor ran all the blood and stool test and this are the findings
WBC 12.9 little high
hemoglobin, MCV, MCH, MCHV low
IgA 321 normal range 51-220
CRP 49 normal range 0-9
occult blood fecal positive
H pylori negative
parasites, bacteria, viruses GI panel not detected
c difficile toxin negative
endomysial antibody IgA negative
How does this seem to you? Last 7 days she goes poop once sometimes twice a day and has normal solid stool and no pain at all. I am confused now what shuld I do.
thank you

my little penguin

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Scopes are needed since all bloodwork etc point to something going on .
My child was dx at age 7
He is now 20
Scopes and imaging should give answers
We have a parents of ibd kids group here
A lot of parents who have been there before
Post all your questions and concerns