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How effective is a ct scan for diagnosing ibd?

I was in the emergency room and got a ct scan and dr said it looks fine, but I'm still getting colon scope and upper ends on Wednesday.
I'm unable to eat solid food. I had my gallbladder out in January.
Recent calprotectin and crp tests were positive.
I guess I'm just anxious. Wondering what it could be and when I may eat solid food again
I had a normal CT scan + normal colonoscopy. Was diagnosed on pill cam. IBD could show on a CT scan though, so its a good sign it was all clear.
howdy all. I was thinking about a c.t scan recently. Am going thru a relapse presently, and had the scopies done at both ends in May 2016. I don't think, judging by most comment and experiences here, a cat would NOT tell much. However, wouldn't an MRI be better idea?..I do know the cost involved there.. The cam pill, if you can tolerate it, seems a better option, more direct approach unless you have a throat strictor.(I do) . for me however, The MRI is no good since I have implant in head for hearing.. So I got two strikes against me after 25-30 yrs surviving this illness.
On remicade and prednisone.
njyupyup61 there is also the MRE (magnetic resonance enterography) which is often used to determine if there is narrowing or issues in the part of the small bowel a scope cannot reach.
Clash, I believe we are talking about the same thing, mri or mre? magnetic imagining can't be used on people with metal devices or implants. it would pull the device right out of the head. best option ? remove implant, get mri done. reinstall implant. but do tell, we talking abt same thing, right?
An MRI can be just the scan with or without the use of dye or contrast, whereas the MRE involves drinking barium mixture as a "dye" before the procedure as well as a contrast the is injected intravenously on into the procedure.

But yes neither involve radiation and if you have metal in your body you'll need to let the docs know.