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How Effective is Entyvio and is it Expensive?

Several months ago I posted about my adult son having severe skin problems and his dermatologist thought it might be metastatic crohns. She sent her report to his GI doctor. After much research, the GI doctor believes this is a case of Sterile Absess Syndrome. His doctor is changing his meds from Cimzia to Entyvio. I looked this drug up and it seems it is fairly recent. 2014? Does anyone here know anything about it and is it effective and expensive? Appreciate any and all comments!
I will be starting a course of Entyvio fairly soon and had the same questions. Yes, it is expensive but with decent insurance and their co-pay support, it can be as low as $50/8 weeks. They don't want your money, but they sure like your insurance's cash.

I have no idea how effective it is. My GI says there is a 70% remission rate after 1 year. I hope I am not in the 30% out.
Hi Dan1970...I remember when his new GI doctor told him Cimzia had 85% success at remission. And that was over 4 years ago. He was glad there was a drug available to try. So fast forward to Entyvio...His first appointment was a no IV cause his veins did not cooperate. At next appointment he was infused with no trouble. Then the next loading infusion and also ok. I asked about copayment but the clinic said it takes weeks to get that final info. He does have insurance. How good it is we shall see . He is optimistic about results and think that's cause his doctor thinks the way it works in GI tract shows promise. Good luck and keep us posted !
Entyvio costs $4900 per infusion, you need three loading doses in 6 weeks, then a dose every other month. It will cost about $30,000 a year. I tried getting on Entyvio Connect which is their copay assistance program which will cost you $50 per dose, however I was making too much money to enroll. They want your IRS tax returns to prove you make less than their maximum, there are several levels but it starts at $24,000 of income a year.

My insurance picked it up, I need to pay the first $3200 and they pay the rest. They only authorized me for 8 infusions.

I have had 5 infusions and have hardly noticed improvements, they say you should do at least 6 infusions before considering to give it up. Personally I don't have a high degree of confidence on Entyvio. Already been on Humira which eventually stopped working, no sense in starting Remicade since it is an anti-TNF as well.

Stelara is a remote option, on another thread I saw that it was not working for some people.

Having said all this, still give Entyvio a try, it has worked for some people.