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How fast can I taper off Prednisolone?

SO I've been on 40mgs for 2 weeks, now I'm on day 4 of 35mgs. It hasn't helped which leads the doc to believe the discomfort is coming from my stricture which is likely scarred. The doctor told me to taper off, but didn't actually give me details on said tapering! How soon can I drop down the dose, daily? every other day? Doing it weekly is the same as I would have been doing anyway so that is not the answer or I'll be on it for ages yet



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As far as I am aware you need to stay on a dose for 5-7 days before tapering again and the usual amount to drop by is 5mg.

Unfortunately it doesn’t matter whether it is working or not as that is not the reason why you have you taper and not stop cold turkey. Prednisone primarily mimics a hormone you naturally produce called cortisol. Because of this mimicking effect your body starts to produce less of the natural hormone when you take a high dose of Prednisone for longer than 7 days. Therefore you need to taper so as you take less of the artificial hormone your own natural hormone will take over again.

To taper too fast or stop it altogether without tapering will open you up to the risk of an acute adrenal crisis. This is a very serious and life threatening condition.

Dusty. xxx
Quickest taper my GI allows is 5mg reduction every three days.
The longer I'm on it though - the longer I allow.
I'm currently dropping 2.5mg - 5mg every 5-7 days.
I've been in it since Nov.