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How likely is Crohn's colitis to evolve into affecting the small bowel

Does anyone know what the likelihood is of Crohn's that starts as Crohn's colitis only remaining in the colon and not affecting the small bowel?

Cross-stitch gal

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I'm afraid, I'm not sure. I do know though that my UC has moved around a bit since I was diagnosed in 1996. However, I have also been seen by two different GI doctors.

The best I can say is that each person is different. Wish I could help more.

my little penguin

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In kids
Crohns travels over a ten year period from the time of diagnosis
So if it starts in the rectum and ti
Then sometimes adds the duodenum and sigmoid
Each person is diffierent
It does change from inflammatory to strictures or fistulas in kids over a 10 year period for some as well

Not sure on adults

My son was dx at age 7 now 17 so we have seen a little movement but not much