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How long after eating are you effected?

I have really lost any track on how long after a meal it effects me. Certain foods seem to be almost instant effect (before finishing plate). Other foods are next day and some are later BUT recently I had some food that effected me and I had evidence that I had eaten that meal 4 days before. I thought it that this expulsion was just one day old before the evidence. So now I dont know.

So Please can you help with any tips on monitoring how food effects you and the time scales?


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I have the same issue sashaz.

Since everyone responds differently to foods you may get a number of different responses. However a food journal could be helpful in tracking what you eat and when your symptoms begin. Eventually you should be able to identify what foods cause what discomforts and when.

But an Elimination Diet (<--follow the link) might be the best way to identify what foods are bothering you since you start simple and gradually incorporate foods back into your diet.
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If I accidently eat anything with meat in it that within half an hour I get the stomach cramps. the sweats, my whole body burns up and then all my insides turn to liquid and I end up sitting on the toilet for at least an hour whilst my body expels everything. It starts off normally but by the 4th or 5th time it is just liquid and I cant get off the toilet until my stomach is empty.

As soon as I try the cramps start and I have to lower myself back down

It is the same every time.

As I was only diagnosed two weeks ago I am only connecting the dots now as to why I have such a violent reaction to red meat, white meat and poultry.

I gave it up in 1990 as I just felt so ill eating it and now if I accidently get served it in a restaurant then believe me I know within half an hour and that restaurant or takeaway goes off the list.

I am ok with fish and I am pescatarian but I dont eat shellfish for religious reasons so I have no idea if that affects me as well.

The reaction is truly violent and I cannot hold anything in at all and the cramps and sweats are unbelievable. I have to strip in the toilet as the sweat rolls off me that much

I do get slower reactions but not sure yet what the triggers are, I think one might be soft cheese and the other full fat greek yoghurt but I am not sure as I just thought over the years I had a 'delicate' stomach
Thank you for your help, As I read that food isnt digested at the same rate, ie if you eat some bacon then a couple of hours later some toast that the toast would leave your stomach first. I think another food journal is a good idea.


I agree with the food journal idea. Definitely the best way to tell.

However, I'm wondering what you mean by "effected." Do you mean pain or BMs, or either one?
Latte, I have almost identical reactions to eating meat or anything rich and/or fatty. I can sometimes handle lightly seasoned fish... but other than that my diet consists of bread, crackers, one or two boiled eggs a day for protein, and a few fruits and veggies.
Depends on what i eat, but generally my transit time is very short. An easy way to measure your transit time is to pop an iron tablet and wait for your BM to turn green :D

Food goes through me within a few hours, porridge seems to take a longer time so i usually fill myself up in the morning, it seems to act as a barrier for everything else :p
For me it depends on what I eat .... Normally that is. I obviously try to avoid food triggers. If its something disagreeable it could be right away. I'd say within 30 minutes. I try to time errands and such according to when I eat or not. When I have a horrible food day I generally don't eat for a few days. I just juice. It's not worth it to me.

Food journal is a great idea.
I do the docs dietary diary app for my journal as it goes everywhere with me, and i use GI monitor app for symptoms. It easy and convenient, goes anywhere in your pocket. They are pretty accurate too as it keeps time as you log everything- pain, stress, food ( type), blood, consistency of bm, time etc.... my lapse time is ~5 minutes every time i eat so i pretty much stay on clear liquid diet. I do try to follow the paleo diet ( caveman) at night bout once/twice a week.
Best of luck! - hugs-
For me its everything and usually feel the effects within one hour . Some foods trigger a reaction and cramps much quicker and this is all heightened when in a flare. The food diary is good as it rules out the stuff you have to forget forever.
When im having a bad week i tend to go for the liquid diets to ease the pain but still give me some vital nutrients. I find this is essential to maintain a working life.
All outings are planned the day before and food is adjusted accordingly.

Good luck
Thank you, I have the same instant reaction but its when your doing better and you eat something that is having a slight effect. Probably more due to intolerance than a Crohn's rejection. Will look more a the journal app that I have. It recently had an update to put preset meals so the ingredients are automatically added.
for me, if im not having a flare i can eat pretty much anything without any issues, well apart from coffee, that makes me go to the loo!

for some reason if i have anything battered from the chip shop my stomach gets a bit dodgy.

ive found midget gems pretty bad aswell

i can eat the same food but different brands effect me differently but usually within about 15 minutes i am in agony.

I keep a food diary too and it seems to help x
If I'm flaring, as I am now, it can be anything, and it can happen even before I've finished eating sometimes. But usually it's about 15-30min after eating.
I'm changing my initial answer. I am back at the worst of the worst flares. If I'm flaring, it doesn't really matter a ton what I eat. I'm a vegetarian which I have been for 20 years. I was up all night last night on the toilet crying. I'm super frustersted. I won't eat for a few days now. :(
It depends on the offending food and how long I have been "in the middle of a flare".

Any type of pepper and it goes right through and hurts like h%$#

Thanks for the positive thoughts. Maui has been challenging due to the bathroom situation . Luckily I'm around very caring and understanding people.