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How long after surgery did you wait before having to go on B-12/other shots?


I know there is a chance that I might need to have B-12 shots since I had surgery, but I do not know when this decision will be made. I know they will determine it based off my blood results, but when will this be?


Ive never needed B-12 shots so far but take Iron tablets for Anemia

Tami Lynn

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It's difficult to say Mike.

I didn't know I was going to need B12 shots after surgery until I started experiencing symptoms of severe anemia and ended up in the ER at the point of needing a blood transfusion: that was about a year or more after surgery.

I would just be sure that your doctor is monitoring your blood and be sure to let him know if you notice anything out of the ordinary (being exceptionally tired, heart palpatations, nausea, light-headedness, etc).

Maybe you won't even need the B12 injections. A lot of it depends on which part of the intestines they operated on.

Hope this helps!



well mike if you are bad you sould know in 3 months if not it could be up to a year before they start them if they do.... i think lol


I think it is different for each person, I had my 2nd surgery in 1995 and didn't start getting b-12 injections until I was pregnant in 1996. Although I have had anemia problems in iron infusions all a long.

However, I will NEVER give up my b-12. I can tell at the beginning of each month that I need them. My husband (who has no medical training) has learned how to give them to me. They are cheap also, with my insurance now I pay a whopping $.53, yes that's right but when my old insurance didn't cover them the were only about $8/mo. It's worth it.



yeah if i have to take them more then once a year i would give them to myself


I was given a B12 shot before I left the hospital after my surgery--but then I was there for over a month. I did the shots once a month until recently when I switched specialists. My new MD actually did the blood test and found that I had plenty of B12 in my system. I'm on a once every 3 months cycle now. When I started my Imuran I noticed I was feeling extremely fatigued and after talking to my MD I started adding a sublingual B12 every few days. I've found that this has really helped stablize my energy.