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How Long Before Cimzia started working

I was just wondering from people have used Cimzia, how long before you noticed the drug was working. I just started the first of my loading doses. The day I took them and the day after I felt great, and everything had "slowed down" to what I consider normal. Now about 5 days later I am right back to where I was before. I know its early and I'm not even done with all my loading doses but I was curious has to how long it took before you noticed any positive effects from the drug.
Hi beaniemill, I'm about a month and a half in and I haven't noticed any improvement. I had to start a low dose of pred to get by which is helping, but I still have some symptoms that the so I don't think the Cimzia is actually working yet. If I notice a change I'll post. I take my 4th dose in 2 weeks. Hope you feel better soon!!
Were either one of you on humira before the cimzia? I am starting this in a few weeks and am afraid that it isnt going to work...this is the last option before we go to surgery, I am praying to God that it works, but am kind of leary after the pharmacist told me it was basically the same as humira.
Yes I was on Humira before cimzia. As an update the cimzia seems to be working a little bit, but nothing like the humira was. I guess will see what happens, I actually take the second loading dose tonight.
I was on Remicade before and the home health nurse and my GI both said cimzia works for a lot of ppl who didn't have success w other biologics.
Hey everyone,

I am about 3 months into my Cimzia treatment and I thought I would share my experience. I felt very slightly better after the first couple loading doses, but then things remained unchanged/flared for another month and a half. The GI doc was concerned because he believed that I should have improved after the first month, however, all the patient stories I was reading indicated that I should start feeling better around months 3-4. So here we are, month 3, and yes, FINALLY, I am starting to feel more normal. During the 3 months I was on Lialda (mild anti-inflammatory) and I did 5 IV iron infusions (Crohn's induced anemia). Otherwise, no steriods or anything else besides Cimzia. The doc actually has me taking the injection every other week instead of 2 at once/month. I think this has been pretty effective because I can feel it wearing off at the end of the two weeks...I can't imagine what it would be like at the end of a month without the meds. So...3 months seems to be my magic number - definitely hang in there! I am finding it is working once you give it a chance. Good luck to all!
Yes thank you for sharing vagalbraith! I will be taking my second loading dose tomorrow, and am on prednisone to get me by till Cimzia kicks in. My GI also said it could take about 3 months to really start to notice a difference. So, i'm hoping to get to feeling more like myself by the time the holidays come around.
I'm glad to help - I was looking for the same information at the start of my
Cimzia treatment and it was difficult to find. Just know that there is hope beyond the 3 months, so hang in there!
I have been taking Cimzia injections since Feb. 2011 and it took a few months for me to start feeling better. I take the injections once every other week and I can tell right before the end of the second week that the dose is wearing off. I hope it works for you. My doctors are thinking about switching me to Remicade because there has been no change in my Crohn's in the past 2 years so if anyone has any advice or comments on Remicade please let me know!
Vagalbraith...do you just do one shot every other week, or both? Just curious, I am on my second loading dose tomorrow. Just wanting to know options when and if it comes to the medicine wearing off before the month is over...

Shann-Lee, I used remicade for almost 2 years and yes it works, I did have to go from doing it every 8 weeks, down to every 6 weeks because it would wear off. I was just stupid and talked my doctor out of using it anymore, I knew more than he did..haha...and a year later I was back to having flares and now I have been on a whirlwind ride for the last 2 years...but yes, it does work!!
Jami, I was on Humira before Cimzia. Humiria worked MUCH better for me. Cimzia works sometimes, but I have a lot of flare-ups. But I had side effects with Humira that we're trying to avoid. I hope the Cimzia is working for you!
Does anyone know if you switch from one to the other if you have to do the big loading dose?
I am so happy to read this. I have had my first two loading doses. And I feel nothing. I caled the dr to get some cortisone enemas. They seem to help a little. But I'm so scared. I'm afraid of losing my jpouch. :(
Thanks so much crohns mom. I'm not feeling better. I'm trying to stay positive in hopes that I need more time for cimzia to work. I am anxiously waiting to see if the worm therapy works..that would be them bomb right?! If I can get past the thought of worms in me! LOL. Amazing what we'll try! Thank you again! How's your daughter? Sue

Crohn's Mom

Oh Sue you're braver than I ! LOL
You're right tho, it is amazing what we will try !

Gab is not so well right now, but hopefully we will get some much needed answers, or a new treatment plan, or something at her appointments Monday. She may be looking at surgery again. Hopefully not, but if that's what it takes to finally get her into remission, than that's what we shall do !
Ok, need some words. Before cimzia I didn't have pain. Now, I have pain that accompanies urgency. Once I go, the pain on my right side gets relief. I'm a little concerned. Didn't someone once get a blockage because of the healing cimzia did? Words of concern or advice. I am to see dr on Friday but call Wednesday. :ybatty::stinks::ybatty: Nothing better happen. I'm having 50 people over for St Pattys day!

Crohn's Mom

I have heard that biologics can heal so quickly that it does cause scarring in some.
I hope you don't have a blockage :(
Hang in there ! :hug:

Crohn's Mom

I'm at work but I will find one when I get home. However, I wasn't stating fact there; just what I have heard and read somewhere.
Well if you have any sort of cut or wound and it heals, it leaves a scar.

On the inside, if you are ulcerated and its healed, it will cause scar tissue. The degree of scar tissue is different for everybody but thats why you hear how some people are battling active inflammation, whereas others have Crohn's under control but still dealing with strictures and scar tissue.

Scarring is just a natural part of the healing process formed by excess collagen being produced by the body to heal the wound.

I don't know whether the quickness of biologics healing the area would cause more scar tissue, I think its just natural to get scarring from healing in general.

Actually I was asking about adhesions and the risk factors for developing them after surgery like I've had. My doctor said that being on a biologic reduces the risk of developing adhesions which are a form of internal scarring. He also said the amount of blood loss during surgery has become found as a direct correlation (the more blood loss, the more likely you are to have adhesions form). ANYWAYS.

The tl;dr version:

Scars are a normal part of healing, biologics promote healing.

BUT being on biologics after surgery reduces the risk of adhesions (also internal scarring).

K, saw dr today. Either, my crohns is flaring or I have an abscess or fistula...mmm, could have told him that! I have a script for an mre, I called two weeks out! I'm not gonna make it two more weeks without loosing it! I'm gonna call him tomorrow and let him know. Dr won't chg anything without some tests. It hurts!

I had surgery I think ten years a go, so must be new healing?! I don't know....:ybatty:
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Greetings everyone
i read all the post, everyone is in problem and they take medicine in Allopathic.
i think all of you try the ayurveda. i am not selling here anything.i wanna just share my experiences.it is the cool way to make yourself peaceful and calm.
think about ayurveda...
Well...Im sorry to say, I'm back in a relationship with my old friend prednisone. We have a love hate relationship. Right now, it's all love. We are going to start mixing some meds. Wait and see and game begun.

Crohn's Mom

Sue, did your doc prescribe any antibiotics along with the prednisone for the infection? Any fever over 100 is not good when you are on a biologic. Has the fever gone ?
Sorry you're back on pred but hope it helps :)
It's down to normal. I think it was inflammation. He said we'll talk about cimzia with mercapturine in a week or so. And increasing cimzia till it all kicks in. So, here I go again. Funny thing...on of my daughters said I should just get a bag now, because I might me to old later! I'm only in my 40's!

Crohn's Mom

I'm glad to hear the fever is gone :)
I was just concerned because it was so high. :hug:

So, here I go again. Funny thing...on of my daughters said I should just get a bag now, because I might me to old later! I'm only in my 40's!
How old is your daughter ? LOL. I don't think you're ever too old for an ostomy, however I'm sure you'd like to avoid it as long as possible !
Yeah I eas concerned also. One of the reasons that I didn't want to rush, r my girls. It was 4:30am. They'd be off to school in a few hrs. So I took meds to hopefully bring my temp down. And it did! My twins r 12. Best thing that ever happened to me! 😄😍. How's your girl?

Crohn's Mom

Sue-2009 I'm just checking in to see if you're feeling any better ?

Sorry, I've been super busy lately and now I'm on vacation away.
My daughter seems to be doing "ok" right now. She's starting to think she may be allergic to the 6mp that was recently started, but hopefully she's wrong.


I finished my starter dose pack but haven't felt any difference yet. I know it's early but I'm praying this works. I can't take flaring anymore.
Yeah, I burned through my starter set. No relief. I'm tapering off prednisone, increase Cimzia & restarted Mercapturine w/allopurinol. So, it's wait and see. I love/hate prednisone Keep me posted u guys. I hope this works for us. :(
Hi guys - I started Cimzia around May 15 so it's been a little over 2.5 months but I'm not feeling any better. I also never had bloody BM's until about a month ago. In the past week, I've had some BM's that were so bloody the whole toilet was red. Do I still have hope that the Cimzi will work or do you think it's time to try something else? My GI said they typically wait 4 months before switching to see if it will work. Ugh. I'm getting married November 2nd and really need to be better by then!
Hi--Just starting Cimzia after remicade failed to bring me into remission. Does anyone have a successful experience with Cimzia and how long did it take?