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How long did it take to know if Remicade was effective?

I've had my 3 loading doses and I do not feel better. I actually feel worse than when I was on Humira (which stopped working). I see my dr. on Tuesday so I'll ask him but am wondering, for those who it's worked for, how long before you saw improvement with Remicade?


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The answer is it depends. Most people feel better after the first few infusions, but others take longer. You may need a higher dose or more frequent infusions.

My daughter took 3-4 infusions and needed both a higher dose of Remicade and more frequent infusions (every 4-5 weeks after loading doses) before she felt better.

There are some kids on the Parents' forum who have taken 6 months to feel better.

Sometimes adding something like Methotrexate can give Remicade a "boost" and that can help.

The good part about Remicade is that you have room to go up on the dose and can increase the frequency quite a bit.

Good luck!
Thanks so much! I didn't know if I had given it enough time. I'm curious to see what my Dr. says when I see him tomorrow. Appreciate the response.

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Ds also felt horrid till about 7-8 weeks from the first infusion
And then needed a higher dose at a higher frequency to work
Thank you! I'm just about at the 8 week mark. Hopefully it kicks in soon. I'm just nervous with the holidays coming up--don't want to feel worse then.
Hi Iron it took about 8 months or so before Remicade started working for me. I started at the 5mg/kg ratio every 8 weeks and had to progress to 7.5mg/kg before is started working. I've been symptom free for 6 years now. Good luck to you and I sincerely hope this drug gives you some relief.