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How long did your Humira take to work?

Hi all, i've been taking Humira for 2months (8 pens). I'm aware that everyone reacts differently to the drug but I was wondering if everyone could share how long it took for them to start to feel that it was having a positive effect?

Many Thanks All

P.S. 🙌Yay!for the removal of Citrate from the Pen/Injection fluid.

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DS it took 4-5 months
He had three months on the lower dose and then two more months on the adult dose
That was four years ago
For me, ~5mos. I started in Jan/Feb and am starting to see the light. As always, it's different for everyone though :(
Between 4 and 5 months seems to be the consensus at the moment. I'm hoping that I start to feel an improvement soon as I hate being dependant on Oromorph.