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How long does Entocort take to work with Microscopic Colitis

Hi all.

Long time since I've wrote.
Haven't been too too bad

Finally have a diagnosis of MC. Could of been far worse.

In November I was put on Entocort for about 8 weeks and was doing really well on 3mg per day, doctor stopped me on December 20 and wanted to see how I would do off of it. Symtoms came back on January 8, I kept the diarrhea at bay with lomotil until I go to see him Last Wednesday January 16, started Entocort 9mg the very next day and have been on it since. Haven't felt any difference as to feeling better. I don't understand the time befoe that I was feeling awesome and now I don't seem to see much of a difference I know it has only been 6 days but the time before I was feeling somewhat better. Could my system of already adapted to it and it will not help as much as it use to? How long does Entocort usually take to work.

I'm really confused. .
I am currently struggling to find the right combination of something. I did the Entocort cycle of 3 capsules per day, then down to 2, then to 1, then to none and things came right back...so I went back on the Entocort and got to where 1 capsule every other day was fine and tried going off around the holidays and went for 4 weeks on nothing, no issues, then BAM it was back and so back on the Entocort I went...my GI doctor suggest trying Imodium as a preventative measure and now I am constipated, good lord. I am going to go back to 1 Entocort every other day and see how that works. It is exhausting to keep trying this, symptoms come back, trying that, and so on...sometimes I feel like the doctors don't know what it's like to live with the watery diarrhea of CC that I experienced up to 10+ times a day and in the night as well. I have not had to do anything in terms of my diet either, food does not seem to have an impact on my CC at all. It just showed up one day and that was it...until I was able to get my diagnosis which took months and months of tests and procedures, I just dealt with things. I am so sick of this, it is wearing me out. Going to hope that 1 Entocort every other day is enough and that my GI doctor allows me to stay on it long term even though she has hinted that she won't do that. Ugh.